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I wonder

I was thinking about the people we MDDers have in our daydreams. For me, in my DD world I am just an improvenet of the current model; thinner, more fit, talented, funny, & intelligent. As your ideal self, do you find your preferences in men/woman change? Maybe you feel more apt to approach someone 'out of your league'?

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impacts of MD, and how to overcome it.


Lately, on this website I've noticed less and less posts about "curing" MD or just finding hope through and for MD. This post I feel is my own personal thoughts and a response to the post my maro called "Why we are proud of daydreaming?..." I agree with maro on many points, but I feel he is getting the wrong idea. We…


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A review on possible ways to fight MD

(personal experience mostly)

1) Alcohol


-Helps you express feelings you normally suppress and end up fueling your daydreams

-Helps you connect deeper with people. Real life is easier to accept when you have some close friends. Most MDers are completely unable to form connections and as a result leaving the dreamworld seems even more difficult

-Your mind becomes less clear and as a result it's easier to focus on real feelings than thoughts


-all the… Continue

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I'm constantly screaming at myself, screaming STOP screaming YOUR TO OLD FOR THIS. But no matter what I do I'm still running away to my dreams.... What do I do????? Am I to scared to face reality??? To scared to face myself? Is justification of my actions to much to handle?? I'm lost and like my childhood I escape to my imagination and dreams instead of facing life and emotion.

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Indirect Awearness

I find myself fading into a trance of absolute disconnect, as in I almost completely vanish into my own imaginative world. In this life so full of negativity I find my daydreams a safe place that I can live in solitude completely disconnected from those around me. Most people turn to the technology surrounding us but I can't seem to do this, it is much easier to disappear into my own mind were I am always the hero of my stories or always wanted and loved by all. The problem with this is that I… Continue

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Family and MDD - ZO

So, my family doesn't know about MDD or that I have it. As far as they know I am their angel child with perfect grades, good friends, and active in the school community. 

Lately, I have started to watch and enjoy anime. Which is super fun, a lot of my friends watch anime and I convinced NE to watch the one I love. But, then MDD kicked in.

In most fandoms, there is a plethora of fan made content. It usually consists of fanart and fanfiction.

Let me rant about fanfiction…


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