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Over and over. Again

It’s been almost a half year since I wrote my first post. I guess, It’s time to write an update.

In the previous post I said that I got into my dream university. Maybe I was delusional, but I thought that my life would change to the better instantly. That I’ll find my first love. But life is life, so I was rejected multiple times. I think you know what people say after hearing such things: “It’s not your fault, it happens to everyone!”

And I knew it, but someone inside me kept…


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Ways to use MD creatively


I'm not Kim... or more or less I'm her.

Kim is my improved person. The main character in almost all of my scenarios.

Ah, sorry for my English, I use a translator.

Well, this is the first time I write here. I found the site a few weeks ago and was wondering if anyone had any way to deal with MD. I mean, I feel like my scenarios could become stories and I've tried to write them, but I can't keep up with my mind. I get lost and frustrated. Plus the story… Continue

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Daydreamer Diary 28/3

Yo, so. Here i am.

I have to go back to trying stop MD, cause i know i have a problem, and in moments like the one i am - filled with school things - i darydream more than normal, even tho, i think is like a way my brain remembers me i have this addiction. School really helps me stop with the daydreaming, is almost impossible for me to daydream when i am studing, talking to people. 

These days i was like, 2 in the morning, daydreaming, then i just got like: "Bro i am such a…


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Social interaction as a trigger

I just had my longest streak of not doing it - 3 days! 

I've managed to not let my usual triggers get to me, by either avoiding them or by throwing myself into another thing altogether to distract me. The trigger I'm struggling with is socialising - hanging out with friends and talking seems to have the biggest impact on me. I don't know how to keep it under control, I keep caving. I understand it's triggered because I want to be seen as cool or normal, but I already have friends who…


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Diary research study

Daydreaming Research…


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Daydreamer Diary 3/4

It's been a while. I tried to stop, but then the next week i felt even more wanting to do daydream. And i know pretty well this is a bad sign, but i decided to wait psicological help so i wont hurt myself doing so.

I wanted to talk about Anne, one of my creations. She is like me, her body size and type, her mood, problems. Obviously she had a drama on it, but in geral, she looks a bit like me. She, at least to me, is my ideal version of myself. Anne is a 16y girl, lesbian, who never…


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Let's Revive the Chat, People!


My name is Rachel. I joined WMN in December 2012 when I was barely 14 years old. Now, I'm 25.

This site may seem like a ghost town now, but this site was FULL OF LIFE between the years 2012 (and before) to 2018. The blog posts, the forums, and the chat were full of people eager to help and get to know each other. The chat, specifically, was always active. People were always talking, and I myself made many long-term friends from the chat on this site, some whom I'm even…


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Biggest challenges quitting MD

For some reason today the universe bestowed a very philosophical mood on me, so I obeyed and decided to finally write an unedited blog post about MD. Like, I didn't even try to think about the logical structure or else. Just got an urge to shoot something out there.

Anyway, I divided the challenges into 3 types. This is rather arbitrary by the way, i.e. based on my observations more than the research papers. I've read them, too, but I wasn't religiously referring to them when listing…


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The desire to MD will never leave - but that's okay

Hi, so lately I've been doing a lot of self-improvement and working on myself, and I realised that finally, I am happy with my life. I feel at ease, and I always thought that would stop my want to MD. It hasn't though. And when I did indulge, I realise that my daydreams wanted a different life than the one normal-me wanted. A life filled with adventure and danger, but I don't want that, not right now and not as I spend the rest of my life. 

I still want to MD now, but I do it much…


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81 days without MD

I am a female, almost 35 years old. I am married for 12 years and we have 3 kids together. I have a normal life on the outside. But I also MD, had it since I was 10 years old. 

At 10 years old, the abuse by my brother had started. My dad was never around, always working. My mom just isn't mentally capable for taking care of anyone (including herself). MD was there for me when I was feeling so lonely.

In my daydreams I am a succesfull singer, and it's always about being in the…


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MDreamer Diary 26/11/24 23:22 PM

So, i started here two weeks ago, you dont really have to read this, i just want to keep my progress writed down and maybe give a bit of a hope to other persons going trought the same problems.

First of all, i'm trying to keep track of time of how much i fantasize, maybe i'll put a chronometer to get it right, but every day after i wake up, at lunch and after dinner i fantasize for like 30 minutes or 15.

Sometimes i turn off the clock and continue doing it anyway, but…


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Are you still waiting for Godot?

My excessively curious brain makes me learn about important things in the most unexpected ways possible.

This time, it happened while playing Ace Attorney. Happened twice, actually, but only once relevant to this post.

Not long after starting the game, I was getting YouTube recommendations about it. Mostly fandom things. Mostly severe brain damage inducing. Especially headcanon stuff. I hate the latter everywhere, not just in Ace Attorney.

Finally, I've got one that digs…


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Just thoughts

I think, at least to me, that my life wont be more  "boring" without daydreaming, It'll be only harsh, my imagination always had been with me, and now im trying to resist MD, its hard to think how my life will be without it. 

I ask myself if i one day ill stop talking out loud to myself, cause these days i'm even feeling bad doing so, it gives me a disassociation feeling. 

I'm a writer, so is ever harder not to do it with my own stories. 

I feel like i will have to kbow…


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First time here - My story.

(English isn't my mother language so if i spell something wrong, sorry)

Ever since i knew myself i was a lonely kid, bullied in school ever since first grade, in my kindergarten i was the crybaby, and even my family disapproved of it and always had pointed out how i was emotional and easily depressed. My brother said that ever since I was 5 I was too anxious for a kid. …


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The addiction of mine

It feels kind of assuring that I see people having the same life style and the same mindset as mine.

You see because this is my first post here so I'd like to share with you the basic of my maladaptive daydream.

It all started from when I was 11 years old.

I remember there was this girl I just liked to talk to but I was too shy to approach. So I didn't and that got me through a lot of anxiety.

And there I was, finding myself daydreaming hours a day and after a while it… Continue

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self esteeem and daydreaming

It’s been a long journey , I was a child who was really compared a lot , for the smallest of things , that really shook my self esteem to pieces but yeah the accountability is on me because they did what they did . I was a good student I wouldn’t come first but I wasn’t even average cut to md enters my life , a lot of my daydreams where initially men adoring me , me getting married I would picture myself as someone extremely gorgeous and tall, because somehow my parents had lots of issues w…


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Hey, anyone here in a relationship and can help?

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I will die on this hill

Reading some of the old comments here, saw "Life without maladaptive daydreaming would be boring".

So glamorizing. Just like finding other clinical disorders like anxiety and depression "quirky", nonsense. Makes me question whether people who say that actually have it.



Added by Vegas Golden Knights on December 14, 2023 at 1:58pm — 1 Comment

"It's not all bad"

I was a bit bored and wrote a few comments for what I assume to be an old post (

I only commented on proposed "pros of maladaptive daydreaming".

-extreme creativity

How is that a pro if it literally says “extreme”? Extreme degree of something rarely means something safe or positive. And MD is not…


Added by Yukia on December 13, 2023 at 4:00pm — 4 Comments

I will die on this hill

Reading some of the old comments here, saw "Life without maladaptive daydreaming would be boring".

So glamorizing. Just like finding other clinical disorders like anxiety and depression "quirky", nonsense. Makes me question whether people who say that actually have it.

Added by Yukia on December 13, 2023 at 3:16pm — 4 Comments

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