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Does anyone know?

Do your friends or family know about your daydreaming? What are their feelings/reactions to it?   This is the only place where I can talk a…

Started by AdrieneLatest Reply

What helps?

Now that we've had some time to think about this & discuss it, let's start creating a plan to help.  Let's try and make a list that we…

Started by Cordellia Amethyste RoseLatest Reply

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Love life

Hi, I'm new here nice to meet you all. I recently discovered about maladaptive daydreaming and everything finally made sense. One thing I w…

Started by Ele

3 3 hours ago
Reply by Ele

About Erataia's Post

I have read all of the posts of Erataia. I e-mailed her, messaged her, she tried to help me but I think she kinda bored  of me. She is'nt r…

Started by Eren Kas

10 7 hours ago
Reply by Eren Kas

How many fiction writers have MD?

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? 

Started by caro

5 on Wednesday
Reply by caro

MDD effects my social situations

MDD seems to put an effect on my life and how I appear to people. My mind will be so preoccupied that my eyes will glance all over the roo…

Started by Jessica Ballantyne

0 on Tuesday

Yes, you can cure Maladaptive Daydreaming

Two years ago when I joined this community, I think I was more dead than alive. I've been waging quite a brutal war with maladaptive dream…

Started by Eretaia

168 on Tuesday
Reply by Sabrina

I'm new to this, feedback appreciated.

I hope I am in the right place. I am in my later twenties and after almost 15 years I need answers. I have done a lot of research to get h…

Started by Jessica

3 on Monday
Reply by SamJ

Avoidance - Yes or No

I have a question that's been bothering me for a long time. I don't know if i should stop daydreaming altogether or if I should just cut do…

Started by Sarcorum

5 on Sunday
Reply by Bronwyn

Inspiring Scenery

Well typically, my parents take me to their cottage in a northern rocky bay, a part of the notorious Canadian shield landscape. The scener…

Started by Jessica Ballantyne

0 Sep 15

Which one

If you guys had to pick one would you say that MD caused more problems in your life expressing yourself and interacting socially or is it m…

Started by David Burkett

3 Sep 15
Reply by David Burkett

Daydreaming during dreaming in night

Daydreaming happens when we are awake. Everybody knows that. But nowadays my MD got promoted on a higher level: now I not only daydream whi…

Started by Anonymus55

1 Sep 15
Reply by Laura


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