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Does anyone know?

Do your friends or family know about your daydreaming? What are their feelings/reactions to it?   This is the only place where I can talk a…

Started by ALatest Reply

What helps?

Now that we've had some time to think about this & discuss it, let's start creating a plan to help.  Let's try and make a list that we…

Started by Cordellia Amethyste RoseLatest Reply

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MDD as a source of talent

Started by Lyzza Cams

4 36 minutes ago
Reply by Lyzza Cams

Can anyone relate?

My whole life I have been a very quiet person who just blends in with the crowd and accompanies others while they interact with each other.…

Started by David Burkett

1 21 hours ago
Reply by Theaxe

Thoughts on how to support an MD kid

For as long as I can remember my son (now 12) has had a very vivid imagination and deep connection to a world he has developed. He doesn’t…

Started by Lauren

6 yesterday
Reply by Lauren

Want to participate in a new daydreaming study?

We now wish to shed light on a non-distressful variant of immersive daydreaming. We aim to study how daydreaming is related to emotional un…

Started by Eli Somer

1 on Tuesday
Reply by Theaxe

I'm confused

It looks like they very recently redirected maladaptive daydreaming search on Wikipedia to this article https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan

Started by David Burkett

12 on Tuesday
Reply by Theaxe

What are your "ticks" while day dreaming?

I just wanted to know what everyone does when they day dream. For me I rock back and forth and I know for many others, they pace, make faci…

Started by EllyssaJ

16 on Monday
Reply by Anita


What are your triggers to Maladaptive Daydreaming??? My triggers are music, reading, riding in the subway, when I get bored, writing, in s…

Started by ozzy castillo

2 on Sunday
Reply by Theaxe


If i push myself to express myself more to other humans and interact more with humans will the pacing and body movements most likely decrea…

Started by David Burkett

2 Apr 13
Reply by Martha McCulloch

Recent feelings

It feels like I have become more sad and emotional ever since discovering what maladaptive daydreaming is. I find myself crying a lot more.…

Started by David Burkett

5 Apr 13
Reply by Martha McCulloch

I'm curious what is the longest day dream you have had?

I'm really curious to know what the longest daydream everyone has had and which character has been with them the longest? My longest daydre…

Started by SamJ

12 Apr 13
Reply by Martha McCulloch


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