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What Comes Next?

For many people, it seems that upon discovering Maladaptive Daydreaming, a great sense of relief follows as we finally realize that we're n…

Started by Sora D

4 1 hour ago
Reply by Jessica Ballantyne

Maladaptive daydream in DSM?

Hello :) I know it's been a while.... A question popped into my head and I think someone here can answer me better, is there any chance of…

Started by Yelena Cheeli

2 18 hours ago
Reply by Jessica Ballantyne

Fantasy Love Interest

Hello everyone. I wanted to know if anyone could relate? It’s embarrassing to admit, I guess not in this space, but I have had an imaginary…

Started by Khloé

11 yesterday
Reply by Jessica Ballantyne

How to deal with MD

Hi so I’m new to understanding what I’ve experienced since I was a child has been MD. Genuinely thought I was slowly losing the plot or jus…

Started by emc97

12 on Thursday
Reply by Jessica Ballantyne

Anyone created Tulpa?

Hi I've been an MD'er all my life I just didn't know it had a name. For most of the last 10 years I've been housebound and on my own so fo…

Started by Suki

5 Jan 20
Reply by Kyle C Monroe

Fantasized Capabilities

Does anybody have skills, strengths or abilities in their MD, which doesn't exist in their real lives? I'd watch characters on TV/Film and…

Started by Jessica Ballantyne

7 Jan 20
Reply by Kyle C Monroe

MD and Sensory Processing Sensitivity

Hey guys! Do any other maladaptive daydreamers out there identify as having sensory processing sensitivity/being a "highly sensitive person…

Started by Elaine Steele

1 Jan 20
Reply by Kyle C Monroe

Your personality type?

I don't want to jump to conclusions and think that most people with MD are totally introverted like I am. So I'm curious to know what your…

Started by Laila

89 Jan 20
Reply by Kyle C Monroe

Be aware of scamers

Hello Everyone, I got contacted by scammers through this website twice. They send personal messages and ask you to contact them back. So b…

Started by Divantha Ekanayake

5 Jan 12
Reply by Divantha Ekanayake

Vent my heart

I don' t want advise, I just want to vent. I had maladaptive daydreaming since i was 4 years old. And i am tired of fighting against malada…

Started by Sara

7 Jan 3
Reply by Jessica Ballantyne


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