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Jets vs Giants live stream

Posted by Md Aynal Hossain on August 8, 2019 at 12:59pm 0 Comments

Jets vs Giants live stream

Posted by Md Aynal Hossain on August 8, 2019 at 12:21pm 0 Comments


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3 hours ago
Silver Swan replied to Talyla's discussion Creating conversation
"I did for a full 15 years, but it took me another 5 years to transform and think normally as anyone else. Still, I tend to pause and drift by accident. My mom can't always tell when I'm listening to her and knows about my daydreaming. I…"
10 hours ago
Ulaan Gom replied to Ulaan Gom's discussion Journey to a Life Free of Maladaptive Daydreaming
"Day 22 - MD was near an all time low (as compared to the last few months) this morning. Near the afternoon and evening, MD definitely picked up to frequencies approaching normal levels. However, I'll see how tomorrow goes."
19 hours ago
Ulaan Gom replied to Ulaan Gom's discussion Journey to a Life Free of Maladaptive Daydreaming
"Day 21 - I've been thinking about some high level life questions today, and have been fairly low in terms of MD frequency. I'll see how things go, and update tomorrow."
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Laxmi liked Silver Swan's discussion People can see me MD
Laxmi replied to Laxmi's discussion Meeting with other MDDers
"Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I live in the UK so that probably wouldn't work but yeah i feel you, i once tried to explain it to my counselor who looked at me like she was worried i was schizophrenic and would shift uncomfortably in her…"
Laxmi replied to Laxmi's discussion Meeting with other MDDers
"Hey guys! Apologies for the late reply, I haven't been online for many months now, however I've also been using the time to focus on things that would help cope with the maladaptive daydreaming for example meditating in the mornings so I…"
Ulaan Gom replied to Talyla's discussion Creating conversation
"I agree. I often have a difficult time fully articulating what's going on in my mind. At least for me, I think a large part of it is the fact that I have certain daydreams, scenarios, and thought processes that I've become so used to now,…"
Ulaan Gom replied to Ulaan Gom's discussion Journey to a Life Free of Maladaptive Daydreaming
"Day 20 - I was able to catch quite a number of MD episodes today, and felt like it was not overly difficult to step back from them. I still have the lingering question of what should I be doing with my mind when I'm not engaged in MD. One…"
Ulaan Gom replied to Ulaan Gom's discussion Journey to a Life Free of Maladaptive Daydreaming
"Day 18 - Today I would say my MD's were fairly moderate, and I often was able to identify them and eventually take steps to step back from them. I really think the main challenge is trying to figure out what to do when I step back from…"
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MD leading to procrastination?

Tell your stories if wasting time by DD leads to procrastination and hence anxiety and hence depression... Also if not being able to reach your full potential..See More
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Talyla replied to Talyla's discussion Creating conversation
"Oh and for the record I don’t have maladaptive daydreaming anymore, but I did for 8 years"

Daydreamers welcome

Most children daydream. Most children have imaginary friends they play out creative scenarios with. Their fantasy world is a simple, joyful distraction from their outer lives. Eventually their outer lives take root, and they grow out of it. Their playful fantasies become unnecessary as they develop more fulfilling relationships. Their fantasy dream world fades into the past as nothing but a wonderful childhood memory. Usually they forget it ever existed.
For some of us............it doesn't, and the consequences can be drastic.

For the past 30 years I've been living in an alternate reality that has completely taken over my life. Instead of fading into the past, it became my reality. The outside world faded & faded, and I've been fighting to reclaim it. Long past the point of being a joyful fantasy, it's become an addiction that I have unlimited access to. I have no self control. I can only distract myself out of it. I'm like an alcoholic with an unlimited supply of booze everywhere I go. When I do it too much I feel sick & dazed, yet I can't stop. I've stepped out into traffic & almost gotten myself killed more times than I can count. I've gotten better & am struggling to find footing in the outside world. In the meantime, I want to reach out.

This condition has a name. It's called Maladaptive Daydreaming, also known as Compulsive Fantasizing. I spent years feeling alone and scared, like I was the only one on the planet that could possibly be going through this. I felt like a freak. I was completely ashamed and scared to death anyone would find out. It's time to end that. We're not freaks. Our brains work differently. Maladaptive Daydreamers (Compulsive Fantasizers) lead unique and enriching lives. We have wondrous gifts and gut-wrenching struggles. For the good and the bad, this condition takes a lot of strength and energy to live with. I refuse to be ashamed, and I don't want anyone else to be either.

I know there are others out there who are experiencing a similar kind of condition. Hopefully they're not experiencing it to the extreme that I have. Either way, let's talk. Perhaps we can find some answers together.

This forum isn't just for Maladaptive Daydreamers (Compulsive Fantasizers). Many disorders do overlap. Feel free to discuss any that you like. Let's keep the dialog going.

One day, I hope we can all stand proud and learn to live the best of both worlds. Once we do, I'm sure we'll feel better off for having had this condition.


Creating conversation

Started by Talyla. Last reply by Silver Swan 10 hours ago. 3 Replies

Personally, I find it hard to respond to people on this website. Like if I have something to say about my daydreams, I can’t seem to properly get it to be coherent cuz I have so many thoughts that I want to explain. Does anybody feel like me?

Journey to a Life Free of Maladaptive Daydreaming

Started by Ulaan Gom. Last reply by Ulaan Gom 19 hours ago. 114 Replies

Day 1 - I've been Maladaptive Daydreaming for over four years now, and I know that it's time to stop. I've recently been able to improve my life, but am facing some obstacles right now and want to clear my mind and focus on improvement. Today I…Continue

Meeting with other MDDers

Started by Laxmi. Last reply by Laxmi on Wednesday. 9 Replies

Hey guys,I just wanted to start off by saying I've been a member on this site for around a couple of years now but never commented or anything like that but what I've noticed is that I feel like sometimes the site is dying and I know a few days ago…Continue

How long

Started by Pat. Last reply by Silver Swan on Sunday. 10 Replies

Just wondering for how long have u been DD i am 37 and have been since 13. Thought it would go away but it doesnt


Started by Emma Aug 5. 0 Replies

No Description

When/how to seek treatment

Started by Roseanne Sinclair. Last reply by Ulaan Gom Aug 1. 1 Reply

I’m certain I fit the criteria for maladaptive daydreaming. My question is, when should I get help. My daydreaming interferes with my focus such that I can’t read much (something I used to enjoy), but I’m doing well in school, and am okay socially.…Continue

Tags: help, treatment, support, family, therapy

I feel like I am losing my kid to Maladaptive Daydreaming-Need guidance

Started by Martha Bozic. Last reply by Silver Swan Aug 1. 7 Replies

I have a 12-year-old who is extremely bright and creative, but I am feeling helpless and like I am losing him to the realms of maladaptive daydreaming. He seems to engage in this activity now more than ever and it takes up hours of his day.  He has…Continue

Tags: willingness, to, change, cons, the

People can see me MD

Started by Silver Swan. Last reply by Ulaan Gom Jul 31. 1 Reply

Just when I think I'm coming out of MD, there are other signs that are still apparent. The other night, my family was watching TV and my sister noticed that I had a horrified expression on my face. I wasn't day dreaming, but I was thinking of…Continue

Taking Those First Steps Without Being Overwhelmed by the Long Path Ahead...

Started by Geobukseon. Last reply by Ulaan Gom Jul 25. 1 Reply

Hey,For those of you who use MDD to write or draw, how do you manage to do so?  Every time I try to write down an idea I have, I usually get overwhelmed by the thought that 'it's been done before' or 'how childish it is' to the point where I can't…Continue

Yes, you can cure Maladaptive Daydreaming

Started by Eretaia. Last reply by Geobukseon Jul 18. 170 Replies

Two years ago when I joined this community, I think I was more dead than alive. I've been waging quite a brutal war with maladaptive dreaming and the array of issues that underlie it ever since then and I'm on my way out of this prison. I wanted to…Continue

Tags: overcoming, maladaptive, daydreaming


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    Out Of My Mind (article I wrote on MD)

    This is an article I wrote for my writing class about MD.  

    Out of My Mind…


    Created by Cordellia Amethyste Rose Nov 22, 2010 at 7:36pm. Last updated by Cordellia Amethyste Rose Nov 22, 2010.

    Notes Home

    Welcome! To view all notes, click here. Continue

    Created by Cordellia Amethyste Rose Feb 20, 2010 at 11:14am. Last updated by Cordellia Amethyste Rose Feb 20, 2010.


    Do I have Maladaptive Dayreaming?

    Maladaptive Daydreaming is not an officially recognized condition yet. We’re still learning a lot about it. Here are some of the main symptoms that seem to be emerging:
    • You daydream more often than you think is normal.
    • You’ve built up a character(s) that’s an idealized version of yourself
    • You feel more empowered in your daydreams.
    • You’re starting to enjoy daydreaming better than the real world.
    • Daydreaming is starting to interfere with your day-to-day activities.
    • You might enact some movement, like pacing or moving your hands, (though not everyone does this).

    • Some people make facial expressions, talk, and/or act out their daydreams.  

    It's not all bad...

    Maladaptive Daydreamers have many gifts along with struggles.

    -extreme creativity
    -the ability to think through complex issues on our own
    -the ability to see issues from many perspectives (we can have intense dialogs in our own minds)
    -the ability to think quickly
    -strength. (It takes a lot of strength to live in two worlds at once.)
    -insightful and empathetic
    -loving (Even when no one's around, we still have people to love in our minds.)

    -extreme difficulty concentrating
    -sluggish. It's hard to be productive when you just want to daydream
    -clumsy and awkward
    -difficulty cultivating or maintaining relationships (This may not apply to everyone, but if your MD starts to progress, you may prefer daydreaming to real interactions)
    -difficulty completing tasks due to desire to constantly stop and daydreaming
    -difficulty reaching certain milestones because of constant desire to stop and daydream.

    What do I DO?

    Well, we're still figuring that out. Since this is so new it's kinda up to us to figure out how to deal with it. I encourage people to try anything they can & want to. If something works, please let us know, so others will benefit.
    -Identifying triggers
    Many people find that
    certain activities
    trigger them to start
    Identifying and
    limiting exposure to
    triggers is one way to
    Common triggers:
    music, tv, books,
    long walks or
    monotonous activity
    If you feel yourself
    starting to daydream,
    stop and change
    activities. Get up and
    do anything else and
    come back to it when
    you're feeling more
    -Getting out in the public
    A lot of times we just
    need to get out of our
    heads for awhile. Go
    out and talk to people.
    -Get up quickly and go to bed tired.
    Many daydream in the
    morning. To avoid
    this, make sure you get
    out of bed the instant
    you wake up.
    To avoid daydreaming
    at night, go to bed
    when you're extremely
    -Allow limited daydreaming
    Many of us really
    appreciate the comfort
    of our daydreams and
    don't want to give
    them up.
    Instead, allow
    yourself certain times
    to daydream, and
    force yourself to get
    up and stop when
    your time is up.
    -Find other things you love, and focus on them.
    Don't forget that we
    daydream because we
    love it. It may take
    time and energy to
    focus, but if we can
    make the external
    world more fun, then
    we won't need to
    daydream as much.


    Another common suggestion that people are saying works for them is meditation.  Some have said it helps them focus, even if it doesn't completely eliminate their MD.  Some have also said that Yoga and meditation help.



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