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like 2 weeks ago i was on tumblr going through the "maladaptive daydreaming" tag and someone said "Why isnt there a youtube channel dedicated to md yet". and i replied saying "i would but i have an ugly voice :("

but lately ive actually been thinking about it. i have alot to talk about and there isnt any youtube videos about it exept for cordellias. so i would just vlog about my thoughts and stuff like that, but you have to put up with my ugly voice and awkwardness on camera. if i end up…


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how can I not care what people think when i judge myself.

I started reading cherie curries autoiography and...well ill give you a recap of the first couple chapters.

she goes to a david bowie concert and is so inspired she decides not to care what people think. she doesnt want to be shy and blend in anymore, she wanted to stand out and be who she really was.  she goes to school with red/white/blue hair dressed like david bowie, tells off all the bullies in school, dresses how she wants, and when people make fun of her or say something-she feels…


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hanging out by myself

Today i went to the mall alone. Usually when I want to go to the mall I’ll ask my nana because i dont feel like I can go in store that I want to go in when im with a friend. but today i went by myself. It was a pretty successful day if you ask me. I got ready and im wearing alot more eyeliner than i usually wear…but ive been wanting to change up my look to maybe make me feel a bit better about myself. I didnt know what to wear…..i went though my shirts and found…


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what sucks the most

        I feel so ugly. I hate my appearance so much i feel embarrassed. when i look in the mirror i think “Why? why did i have too look like this”. my mom tries to make me feel better but like, moms are suppose to say those things. i feel like i cant be myself because i hate my appearance so much (i know that sounds weird) but i dont know. i really care about what people think and i dont know how to break free from that. people from school think im weird and i dont have many friends. too…


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i lsot my dream journal. i would write my dreams i had at night in them. well i used too and then is topped...but i was going to start again. it used to be in my night table beside my bed. but i was forced to clean out my room with ym nana and everythings in weird spots and i have NO idea where it is. ive been searching forever i want to cry :'(

i looked EVERYWHERE. i remember her picking it up and i said not to throw it out but now im scared that she did.....

like i cant…


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enjoy this quote/screen cap i thought you'd like

i was on the drive home from florida the other day and i was watching a cinderella story to pass the time, and hilary said this:

 that quote stuck out to me because....well its true lol. so I took a screen capture of the scene (well i took a picture of the screen because apperently you cant print screen dvds on macs...) and wrote the quote for you guys. arent i…

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attempting to lucid dream

ive wanted to learn how to lucid dream for a while now but everytime i try  fail. but i seriously want to get the hang of it now because i think itd be really cool to lucid dream and see my characters and stuff. im going to bed soon so i hope i can tonight. i will tell you all about it whenever i lucid dream finally.

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Aftermath of last night ( MD and alcohol...woah)

My cousin finally left at around 12:30 and me and my friend were going to sleep. My mom,stepdad,aunt, and uncle were out drinking and me and my bff here decides it would be a great

Idea to get drunk. They came home drunk too and we were watching a bob marley documentary and

A Cameron Diaz movie and my aunts a hilarious drunk AHAHAHAH

idk why I'm telling you this part but it was funny. Me and my friend had 2 beers when they passed out in bed and we were so out of it. Then for some… Continue

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Not enough time to daydream

I've been in Florida for the past 2 weeks and I brought my friend so I wouldn't be bored. But since I have a friend here I don't have any time for myself to sit alone and daydream For a bit. The beach is about 15 minutes away and that's about the only time I get to daydream, besides before I go to bed. Now my 2 year old and 6 year old cousins (who wake up VERY early) are here and my friend and I have to sleep on the pull out couch in the living room.....which means I have to wait for EVERYONE… Continue

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