i always read about how music triggers people to dd
and i first read that i was like " i dont do that"
but i realized that i do. its weird because ever since i can remember, one or a few of my characters are singers or in a band 
A matter of fact, one of my first daydreams that i can remember was daydreaming the powerpuff girls in a band singer skater boy by avril lavigne everytime that song came on the radio.........
thats embarrassing, but ye
alot of my characters now sing or are in a band aswell
my main characters that ive been focusing on for a while are in a band
and everytime i listen to my ipod i just have to dding them covering the song im listening too
its weird because it also changes what music i listen too
like the characters i was just talking about, they play like classic rock 
so i have to listen to it to dd about them playing
but i like it so its ok
i basically have a band for every genre of music i like

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Comment by Dusty on June 12, 2012 at 2:38pm

Yes, instrumental music really helps inspire/set the mood imo!! I find it much more open-ended than any other style of music. Any vocal music, I only DD to when i either imagine my characters singing or (if dance-music) at a club xD.

Comment by Liza Maria Medina on June 10, 2012 at 4:14pm

I also do this same thing, my main character in my DDs can sing and she's been on Broadway and she's in a band that plays several genres so I don't have to pick just one. Sometimes I even listen to music I don't usually like just to give her something new to sing and because it fits the story. I also listen to plain instrumental music to create a nice emotional background for what I'm dreaming. 

Comment by Emily on June 7, 2012 at 11:11am

I do that exact same thing. My  "Ideal Now" dd has certain characters in it, all of which is my made up family/friends. In the dd I'm aware I'm a daydreamer and that my characters have come to life. We're all perfect and can sing and dance terrifically. We sing songs from musicals, and songs off the radio. Some from movies... Really it all just depends how I'm feeling and then I'll have the stage there and someone singing. Or have it related to my storyline and they'll be singing to someone or somewhere specific. Really, it's like a big High School Musical in my head.


Comment by Dusty on June 6, 2012 at 5:05pm

Haha that is really cool, I think I do the same thing! Four of my characters are in a band, plus some of their other friends :P. I also sometimes imagine my main character singing with her best friend when I'm listening to a certain band :3

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