i dont know where im going with this

I havent posted in awhile :P. ive thought of good topics but by the time i get to a computer ive forgotten.
I was thinking alot the otherday and i was thinking "is md a gift?"
i know there was a post before called "gift or curse" and alot of people said its a "curse"
but i was thinking like
we, a selected few of people, have the ability to vividly come up with stories with characters who feel very real and its going on all the time
i think were like..........really creative
lately ive been thinking about writing......
but im kind of embarrassed to. ive never really wrote a fictional story before and when i have (at school and stuff) i never put in full effort because i don't like when people read stuff i write and i feel embarrassed while i write..i dont know why. so to write about  my dreams would feel really weird but i think it would be worth it? i dont even read much, but i honestly think my daydream would be fun to read...because my characters are cool. 
i keep thinking to myself  "lol what if i wrote them out in a series of books and then they got published and i got famous and everyone would know that i daydreamed everything in the novels and everyone would think thats crazy but cool and id be rich and id be on ellen and a tv series after my novels like gossip girl and id be more famous than jk rowling"
not like any of that will ever happen, but yeah. LOL.
i wouldnt even know where to start......
anyway, theres no point to this blog
but you comment because i like reading the comments people leave on my posts 

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Comment by Wish Upon A Wish on May 25, 2012 at 7:38pm

I couldn't write a proper story on my MD, but I have used it in creative writing to help out, but in study I've recently started writing out the whole DD story of mine, which I can't do for long at once. I'm not sure why, actually... I think I'd prefer to have my DDs help me draw. I just rarely know what to draw, but I'vve started collecting pics for a collage that I want to later paint, and I've just realized I'm kind of going off topic so sorry about the waste of two minutes of your lives as this is read.

Comment by Melissa on May 23, 2012 at 7:49pm

I just found out about MD last night and everything I've read since is about trying to stop. I've recently started writing, and my first thought when I read about MD was, wow I might actually be creative enough to write something great if I can embrace this with out getting too lost. It's hard to lose time when i don't mean to, but I think it will be amazing if I can focus it into writing. I'm sure your writing will be amazing.

Comment by Amanda Lynne on May 23, 2012 at 3:15pm

     It's a gift that you can use for bad (coping, escape, addcition, etc.) or for good (writing, empathizing, etc.). It's a blessing in disguise. We have to learn to control our imaginations instead of letting it control us. But we don't have to lose every bit of daydreaming. I don't like to say Maladaptive Daydreaming is a gift, because maladaptive means counterproductive. Daydreaming, just plain ol', in control daydreaming can be a gift. We just have to fight the bad parts and then see the good in it. (The way I see it.)

Comment by Jennifer on May 22, 2012 at 8:21pm

I know exactly what you mean! I was a little nervous about starting my story based off of my daydreams...It was hard because I had to explain in great detail what the characters were feeling almost ALL of the time and what their personalities. You see, if I hadn't done this, then the reader wouldn't get the full effect I get while daydreams during the romantic, happy, funny, sad parts of the plot. You know what I mean? Everything had to be percise, and it was hard...I'm still not even finished on the entire thing. I have a lot to do yet. :/

But I do agree with you about MD giving a lot of people a gift of feeling and writing. Don't be embarrassed to write what you are thinking about and feeling! If you put your heart and soul into a school essay/writing assignment, your teacher will sense that and you will become a better writer. :) Please let me know if you're going to write. I'm interested. :P Thank you!

Xxx Jennifer

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