Aftermath of last night ( MD and alcohol...woah)

My cousin finally left at around 12:30 and me and my friend were going to sleep. My mom,stepdad,aunt, and uncle were out drinking and me and my bff here decides it would be a great
Idea to get drunk. They came home drunk too and we were watching a bob marley documentary and
A Cameron Diaz movie and my aunts a hilarious drunk AHAHAHAH
idk why I'm telling you this part but it was funny. Me and my friend had 2 beers when they passed out in bed and we were so out of it. Then for some reason I had this crazy idea to tell her what I freakin md about. I never mentioned its "maladative daydreaming" though. I've actually told
Her about it before and I just kind of continued on from what I was telling her last time. She actually sounded into it while I was explaining, and I kept saying "are you bored? Do you want me to stop?"
But the weird thing is I think she might md too
When I was sayin how fucked up it is, she said "it's ok, sometimes I pretend I'm with people and I talk to them"
And I said "you talk out loud like invisible friends? Or you talk to them in your mind?"
And she said he talks to them in her mind
Eheh. you never know who md's, huh?

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Comment by otakugirl on August 5, 2012 at 2:43pm
I had a similar thing happen to me with a friend. She was playing her guitar and was dazed out and I ask if she was dd. she was shocked that I knew (I have been dd my whole life I know a dd when I see one). I told he about md and she was interested. She said she feels she may have it. I didn't tell he I had it because I wasnt so sure how she would react.

But that's good at least your friend had a good reaction :)

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