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Camoran's Discussions

Similarities in mechanism

Started this discussion. Last reply by Fallen Messenger Jul 13, 2017. 7 Replies

An unintended round of self-experimentation has me wondering how similar daydreaming and regular dreaming could be in how they function. Specifically, I've noticed some curious parallels between…Continue

Quick question

Started Apr 11, 2017 0 Replies

At the top of your profile there's that title thing, the one that says "X's Page" unless you change it. I've seen some profiles with another text box under it, with smaller text, acting like some…Continue

Event spirals

Started this discussion. Last reply by Camoran Apr 12, 2017. 7 Replies

Events in the last few months and most notably the last couple of weeks have had me thinking about the possibility of there being "stages" to a maladaptive daydreamer's condition over time, different…Continue

Copycat effect?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Eretaia May 24, 2016. 2 Replies

I was wondering if a consequence of having an imagination as powerful as the one we daydreamers have could, in a sense, heighten our "senses". Not the conventional physical senses, but some kind of…Continue

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Where did it start? Where does it end?

Latest Activity

Camoran replied to Silver Swan's discussion Lack of worldly awarness, any concerns here?
"You might be closer to the solution than you think. You already recognize that your daydreams are constructed from nonsense, that those beliefs are false, that all that fantasizing has a negative effect on your life while giving nothing in return.…"
Oct 6, 2018
Camoran replied to Ezili Slater's discussion reality
"Where is the warning, if you don't mind my asking? Maybe I just missed the point, but is seems to me like you left that part out. What are you trying to warn us about?"
Aug 30, 2018
Camoran commented on Fitri Kamelia's blog post Dilemma inside DD after had struggle with friend (Long Post)
"You can't sync your own daydream with someone else's (at least that's what I understood by "sharing"). It's simply impossible. No two minds are the same, so no two minds can imagine the same things, let alone have this…"
Aug 30, 2018
Camoran replied to Drift-Away's discussion Advice on how to become more socially confident.
"Finding a middle ground could be a start, but it won't be enough, if it's even possible. Don't be surprised if there is none to be found. The very existence of an idealized "you" came from the conflict between reality and…"
Aug 24, 2018
Camoran replied to Drift-Away's discussion Advice on how to become more socially confident.
"You can't just force yourself to have a social life and be more confident. It just doesn't work. It would actually make things worse, because you're putting even more pressure on yourself, which I'm guessing is the last thing you…"
Aug 20, 2018
Camoran replied to Juliana Rose's discussion Does anyone relate the way I feel it?
"Other people's problems being worse than yours doesn't make your problems any less bad. And who is "most adults"? What does that even mean? Are your problems less important because other people might not take them seriously?…"
Jul 19, 2018
Camoran replied to Juliana Rose's discussion Does anyone relate the way I feel it?
"First off, welcome aboard.Second off, why do you consider it silly to have that kind of problems? What about them makes them an irrational concern? Are they imagined? Clearly not, because they have real world consequences. Are they harmless? They…"
Jul 19, 2018
Camoran replied to Xander's discussion Introduce Yourself and Make Some Friends
"Hello! Name's Camoran, although the older users (if there are any left these days) will know me as Source. Been here since 2014, and I've seen lots of people come and go. It's sad how abandoned this place is now, so bonus points for…"
Jul 11, 2018
Camoran commented on Lauren's blog post Please, please help me.
"That empty feeling in your stomach is what reality feels like when you snap back into it. Silent, cold and endlessly desolate. It's what remains after the massive illusions born of your imagination finally leave. I'll take a wild guess…"
Jun 15, 2018
Samuel liked Camoran's profile
Apr 25, 2018
Camoran replied to Tammy O.'s discussion Has anyone felt more and more disconnected with reality?
"What you wrote is really sad, and it doesn't paint a pretty picture. I can't help but wonder how alien the world must feel to you in order to be pushing you towards isolating your perception like this. You're walking down a path that…"
Apr 5, 2018
Camoran replied to searching mom's discussion What does a person on the outside do?
"Support doesn't have to be active to be effective. People who are stuck out of reality can't be pulled back in, they have to find their own way to re-sync with the world around them, and the more value they find in it the easier it will…"
Apr 5, 2018
Camoran replied to Shae's discussion Do your romantic relationships in you daydreams affect your relationships in real life
"The comparison between what's in your head and what you see will happen every time, whether you like it not. Comparing stuff is how we distinguish anything from anything else. What you can and should control is how you react to the comparison.…"
Mar 25, 2018
Camoran commented on F J's blog post Spam???
"You don't. There's no report button, you have to send a message to the admin. I already did that myself."
Mar 15, 2018
Camoran replied to sagar kankam's discussion can DD about intimate very often make us sex addicts?
"Strictly speaking, no. The risk is that you become addicted to your daydreams about sex/intimacy. It's like being a junkie for a drug that makes you see rainbows, you're not addicted to the rainbows (even though it might feel that way),…"
Mar 10, 2018
Camoran replied to Esther Theuma's discussion Maladaptive Daydreaming disorder comes from Satan
"People, this crazy post is from more than a year ago. You're not helping if you keep pushing it to the top. It was buried in the forum and it should stay that way."
Mar 10, 2018

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Camoran's Blog

Timezones, show mercy

Posted on December 25, 2017 at 6:57am 0 Comments

Merry Christmas, folks. Here's hoping we'll all get something useful out of this whole rugged dream-in dream-out effort, and that the day will come soon.

Tale of a Blinded Architect

Posted on February 12, 2017 at 2:32am 0 Comments

Another song made by yours truly, no alien languages this time! Hope you'll like it!


Change in sight

Brothers of a creed

Divinity long slumbered, now arise!

Greatest lie

Words of a false prophet

Thirst for truth and vengeance in the new


Gift of fate

A promise from afar

Long sought peace is now within my grasp

Cast aside

Justice of another



Awesome title

Posted on December 25, 2016 at 12:00am 3 Comments

So, less than a week to go before 2016 kicks out. According to the internet, this has been the worst year in history. According to my country's weather forecasts, it's been the year with the hottest summer ever (they say that every year). According to my own experience, neither of those.

But experience is subjective. Different people exposed to the same event almost always internalize it in different ways. We are limited to our own point of view when it comes to first-hand experiences,…


Trouble ahead

Posted on November 17, 2016 at 1:15pm 1 Comment

As some of you could clearly tell by my ramblings in chat these last two weeks, I've been having an increasingly hard time in keeping my sanity in check. Numerous aspects that had persisted for eras are coming into harder and harder friction against reality, whether I like it or not. Streams of thought that I had somewhat managed to chain into the back of my head for years are gaining unprecedented power.

My mind is fragmented, falling to pieces, and each of those pieces is fighting…


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