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Quick question

Started Apr 11 0 Replies

At the top of your profile there's that title thing, the one that says "X's Page" unless you change it. I've seen some profiles with another text box under it, with smaller text, acting like some…Continue

Event spirals

Started this discussion. Last reply by Source Apr 12. 9 Replies

Events in the last few months and most notably the last couple of weeks have had me thinking about the possibility of there being "stages" to a maladaptive daydreamer's condition over time, different…Continue

Copycat effect?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Eretaia May 24, 2016. 2 Replies

I was wondering if a consequence of having an imagination as powerful as the one we daydreamers have could, in a sense, heighten our "senses". Not the conventional physical senses, but some kind of…Continue

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Not even nothingness comes without a cost

MDD is an incredibly tempting trap. It asks a price, to take away your senses, to live in a dream. In return, it gives everything you ever needed but could never have. No disappointment, no suffering. Who would want to resist such an offer?

Latest Activity

Source commented on OhMyMagenta's blog post I wonder
"I'm not sure whether that question makes any sense. The dream world is a whole universe at our beck and call down to the finest detail. There's no such thing as "out of your league" unless you deliberately allow it to exist. It…"
7 hours ago
Source commented on Fallen Messenger's blog post impacts of MD, and how to overcome it.
"I meant that while stuck in their dream bubble, they will constantly say and do things that they would never even think of doing if they were truly conscious. This happens because they aren't in full control of themselves, thus instinct takes…"
Source commented on Fallen Messenger's blog post impacts of MD, and how to overcome it.
"I know by experience and record that maladaptive daydreamers at the deep end of the spiral are so disconnected from reality that it's hard to tell whether they're even conscious or not. Hint: they're not, strictly speaking. Their…"
Source updated their profile
Source commented on Justin's blog post Fear?
"There's a lot of pressure waiting for you outside, more than you can handle, so you shut yourself in. The gap between you and yourself grows wider and deeper with every second you spend in this state, meanwhile friction builds up between…"
Apr 13
Source replied to Source's discussion Event spirals
"I think you're confusing the stages a little. You can't be at 5 and 3 at the same time. Judging by what you said it sounds more like you actually reached stage 5 and now you're simply awake with your daydreaming no longer controlling…"
Apr 12
Fallen Messenger replied to Source's discussion Event spirals
"I would like to clarify. My MD isn't gone by a long shot but I'm more at stage 3 according to this chart. And I below every maladaptive daydreamers could in theory reach the point of relief of reached in my life"
Apr 12
Fallen Messenger replied to Source's discussion Event spirals
"I escaped stage 5. I was suicidal and hopeless. For some reason, a flip switched in my brain and everything clicked in place. I found my purpose in life with MD and felt the burden lifted. I still have no idea how this really happened. But im glad i…"
Apr 12
Source posted a discussion

Quick question

At the top of your profile there's that title thing, the one that says "X's Page" unless you change it. I've seen some profiles with another text box under it, with smaller text, acting like some sort of summary. Does anyone know how to activate that one?See More
Apr 11
Source replied to Source's discussion Event spirals
"Childhood is tricky, to be sure. In that age range, it's hard to define things clearly when it comes to imagination. Children have a readiness for creativity that grown-ups don't. That applies to me as well, I clearly wasn't the only…"
Apr 5
Church replied to Source's discussion Event spirals
"No, I didn't escape it, I think I just misunderstood that you were saying.  I was a child and the only template I had to understand MD with was "imaginary friends". I wanted it to be like that, to actually interact with my…"
Apr 5
Source commented on Zone's blog post Family and MDD - ZO
"You say that you barely trust this community, and yet you trust us with even more information than you did your sister. Something drives you to have more faith in strangers on the internet than in your kin. Perhaps you hope to encounter people with…"
Apr 4
Source replied to Source's discussion Event spirals
"Stage 2 isn't MDD yet, imagination is taking power but it still doesn't have the uncontrollable, all-consuming aspects that MDD has. It's still in the "incubation period" range, for lack of a better term. About stage 5, yes…"
Apr 4
Church replied to Source's discussion Event spirals
"Step 2, Integration with reality. I remember being young and and trying to 'play' in my world or with my characters, sort of like trying to force them to become imaginary friends but never quite bridging that gap into the real world.…"
Apr 3
Source replied to Source's discussion Event spirals
"I doubt you would be able to truly connect to other people either way, that would require a way of communicating that basically involves linking the minds directly, and we obviously can't do that in this age. Even without the exacerbation that…"
Apr 3
MatthewR replied to Source's discussion Event spirals
"By your own account, I'm wrestling with Stage 5. I'm trying to figure out where to go from here. Right now I feel more or less dead inside. I have no passion, no enthusiasm, very little hope for the future. It's very tempting to dive…"
Apr 2

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Tale of a Blinded Architect

Posted on February 12, 2017 at 2:32am 0 Comments

Another song made by yours truly, no alien languages this time! Hope you'll like it!


Change in sight

Brothers of a creed

Divinity long slumbered, now arise!

Greatest lie

Words of a false prophet

Thirst for truth and vengeance in the new


Gift of fate

A promise from afar

Long sought peace is now within my grasp

Cast aside

Justice of another



Awesome title

Posted on December 25, 2016 at 12:00am 3 Comments

So, less than a week to go before 2016 kicks out. According to the internet, this has been the worst year in history. According to my country's weather forecasts, it's been the year with the hottest summer ever (they say that every year). According to my own experience, neither of those.

But experience is subjective. Different people exposed to the same event almost always internalize it in different ways. We are limited to our own point of view when it comes to first-hand experiences,…


Trouble ahead

Posted on November 17, 2016 at 1:15pm 1 Comment

As some of you could clearly tell by my ramblings in chat these last two weeks, I've been having an increasingly hard time in keeping my sanity in check. Numerous aspects that had persisted for eras are coming into harder and harder friction against reality, whether I like it or not. Streams of thought that I had somewhat managed to chain into the back of my head for years are gaining unprecedented power.

My mind is fragmented, falling to pieces, and each of those pieces is fighting…


A little deviation from the usual rants

Posted on October 29, 2016 at 6:11pm 0 Comments

The young woman woke up, her eyes opening up to a scenery quite different from the one she was in mere seconds before.

"Are you all right?" asked another female voice. She looked up. The two had never seen each other before, but it was obvious that this one had been there for much longer. "Not a nice trip, was it?"

The newcomer sat down, still trying to understand what was happening. "Who... Who are you? Where are we?"

"My name is Ima. I don't really know what this place is, but…


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