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Does anyone know?

Do your friends or family know about your daydreaming? What are their feelings/reactions to it?   This is the only place where I can talk a…

Started by ALatest Reply

What helps?

Now that we've had some time to think about this & discuss it, let's start creating a plan to help.  Let's try and make a list that we…

Started by Cordellia Amethyste RoseLatest Reply

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What genre does your daydreaming world typically reside in? Mine is the last thing others would expect.

I've noticed that many people have different types of worlds they go into. Many of them are fantasy-based, but there are also action-advent…

Started by Sidefire

16 3 hours ago
Reply by Silver Swan

Another name for this disorder

Do you guys ever feel like you wish this disorder had another name for it? I feel like it throws people off because when they think of dayd…

Started by David Burkett

6 yesterday
Reply by Silver Swan

Can anyone relate?

Do any of you guys replay scenes of movies over and over and over? I know a lot of you create scenes and characters. I think my scenes alre…

Started by David Burkett

1 yesterday
Reply by Theaxe

Daydreaming about mundane things

Does anyone else daydream about everyday mundane things?. I daydream a lot about being in a relationship with a celebrity but I never daydr…

Started by SJ

1 yesterday
Reply by Fishno7

Fantasy Characters based on real people

So I am dealing with something right now and there are not a lot of people that I can discuss it with. It occurs to me that this community…

Started by Paul Rapp

3 on Wednesday
Reply by Fishno7

Does MD effect your communication?

People quickly and easily notice that I don't always listen carefully to their words. I could be "here" with them, but I do have Autism. I…

Started by Silver Swan

0 on Tuesday

My daydreaming

Hi, I’ve been daydreaming since I was very little. When I daydream I run back and forth in the house and I know it is not normal. It is jus…

Started by Rose

1 on Tuesday
Reply by Diana Lombard

Recovering from MD is difficult

My head is starting to clear up and I am making more sense out of my former fantasies. However, I am waking up to this isolating, uneventf…

Started by Silver Swan

0 on Sunday

What do you think ?

Hi everyone, So I want to share my story to see if anyone can relate. I've been daydreaming for as far as I can remember. At first it was a…

Started by Karlisie

0 May 19

Has anyone "gotten out" of MD? The transition isn't easy

Hello ! Well, I think it’s not possible to stop completely 100% - I feel that the tendency and ability to produce immersive and elaborate d…

Started by Julia

6 May 19
Reply by Hope


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