I was wondering if a consequence of having an imagination as powerful as the one we daydreamers have could, in a sense, heighten our "senses". Not the conventional physical senses, but some kind of perception related to interpretation and understanding of the emotional payload of events that we witness but didn't come from 'inside', regardless of them being real or virtual (for instance, an emotionally "strong" scene in a movie would be a virtual event).
It wouldn't be so strange, after all we have all of these complicated simulation engines in our heads that can spawn all kinds of stories and refine them down to the last detail, so why couldn't that apply to inputs from the outside?
This has happened to me a few times, I'd be able to somehow understand others' feelings while remaining completely in the dark about my own, and sort of "mirror" them in my own mind. Has anyone else experienced anything like it?

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I'd say I have experienced this, to some extent, though mostly subconsciously. I guess daydreamers are more emotionally in touch, especially as avid daydreamers as ourselves, allowing us to understand and maybe even feel what others do without actually experiencing it. But how effective it really is, I can't say.

“You are a lover of your own experience... not of me... you turn to me to feel your own emotion.”


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