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Aftermath of last night ( MD and alcohol...woah)

My cousin finally left at around 12:30 and me and my friend were going to sleep. My mom,stepdad,aunt, and uncle were out drinking and me and my bff here decides it would be a great

Idea to get drunk. They came home drunk too and we were watching a bob marley documentary and

A Cameron Diaz movie and my aunts a hilarious drunk AHAHAHAH

idk why I'm telling you this part but it was funny. Me and my friend had 2 beers when they passed out in bed and we were so out of it. Then for some… Continue

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Not enough time to daydream

I've been in Florida for the past 2 weeks and I brought my friend so I wouldn't be bored. But since I have a friend here I don't have any time for myself to sit alone and daydream For a bit. The beach is about 15 minutes away and that's about the only time I get to daydream, besides before I go to bed. Now my 2 year old and 6 year old cousins (who wake up VERY early) are here and my friend and I have to sleep on the pull out couch in the living room.....which means I have to wait for EVERYONE… Continue

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i drew out one of my characters, if you'd like to see

am i annoying? i feel like i post on here alot. but this is the only place where i dont feel totally weird....

so, i drew one of my characters in a sketchbook one day and i decided to draw it and colour it in adobe illustrator....

now im not the best at illustrator and im not very good at colouring in shadows and highlights (My biggest weakness)

but ok, here it is:…


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sculpture i made of one of my characters in art class/ whatever

awhile ago i wrote a post about how we were making clay sculptures in art and i was making mine one of my characters and im finally done it and have a picture of it!! i actually dont think it looks like him....but here it is

ya there it is. it was fun to make.

also the other day i first started writing out one of my day dreams and i was writing in first…


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something weird i do when i dd

i always read about how music triggers people to dd

and i first read that i was like " i dont do that"

but i realized that i do. its weird because ever since i can remember, one or a few of my characters are singers or in a band 

A matter of fact, one of my first daydreams that i can remember was daydreaming the powerpuff girls in a band singer skater boy by avril lavigne everytime that song came on the radio.........

thats embarrassing, but ye

alot of my characters now…


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i dont know where im going with this

I havent posted in awhile :P. ive thought of good topics but by the time i get to a computer ive forgotten.

I was thinking alot the otherday and i was thinking "is md a gift?"

i know there was a post before called "gift or curse" and alot of people said its a "curse"

but i was thinking like

we, a selected few of people, have the ability to vividly come up with stories with characters who feel very real and its going on all the time

i think were like..........really…


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what do your characters look like?

do you base them off celebrities or people?

because i do.........

i find it kind of hard to make up a persons face and what not so i base them off of celebrities and people ive seen

but over time i will kind of forget what the celebrity looks like so my character kind of looks like their own person.

anyway i thought id be interesting and post a picture of a celebrity that one of my charcaters is based off of.…


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bringing your characters to life......

          ive heard of drawing you characters but everytime ive tried i felt really uncomfortable drawing them for some reason. i can get them to look the way i want to so i hate the drawing. i have them all in my drawer and im hoping one day my mom isnt like "lol whos this" because that would be awkward.

           but in art we got an assigment to make a sculpture of a person out of clay, and then were going to paint them and stuff, and i was excited because im going to make one…


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i feel like a creep,oops

ok so this is going to sound weird.......but here we go

ok so last year i saw this kids youtube video (it only had like 200 views) and i thought he was cute because he looked like sid vicious

and he face was so cute

and slfjalsfjdklfgjsldfgjldfskgjklsj <3

and COINCIDENTALLY (seriously, this is a total coincidence) i was on facebook and we had a mutal friend......

(i dont even know the mustal friend though, i dont even have him on facebook anymore)

so i…

Added by ashlee on April 21, 2012 at 9:30pm — 4 Comments

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