bringing your characters to life......

          ive heard of drawing you characters but everytime ive tried i felt really uncomfortable drawing them for some reason. i can get them to look the way i want to so i hate the drawing. i have them all in my drawer and im hoping one day my mom isnt like "lol whos this" because that would be awkward.

           but in art we got an assigment to make a sculpture of a person out of clay, and then were going to paint them and stuff, and i was excited because im going to make one of characters and im hoping he turns out.  im not making one of my main characters because they're girls and i dont like drawing girls for some reason, so im making one of my guy characters. i have all my sketches done of him front,back,and side profile (it was part of the assigment) and im liking the way they turned out. we are working on them all this week and next week and the week after that. ill definitely post pictures when he is done.

        also  lately ive been thinking  about what if i tried to write one of my scenerios down? like i could read one of my day dreams as if it were a book in my mind, but i think writing it out would be difficult. when i mean write it out i mean like as a book. have any of you done that?maybe ill try i dont know.............

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Comment by Lizzie Wanderlust on April 26, 2012 at 8:56am

Drawing and sculpting your characters sounds like fun. I have never been good at drawing, so I've never even attempted it. I have tried to write down my daydreams though... It's difficult at first, but it does help once you get it on the paper. :)

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