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A few months ago, my sister found a wiki page on Maladaptive Daydreaming. She showed it to me and I was shocked to find that I had pretty much had every symptom; pacing and making fantasies in my head are part of my daily routine. I didn’t really think much of it at first. It just became a part of my life over time. However, it has recently become a problem and now I’m thinking I need an outside source.




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Weight loss and gain

So, I know from my own experience of daydreaming, that just a few of us are going to be carrying a few extra lbs, because, hey, our bodies are simply a vessel to continue our day dreams in, so why should we care? Ive gained like loads of weight being trapped in those day long daydreams where you dont do anything. I own a Tv but ive never bothered to work out how to use it, because i just stare at a wall most of the time. Or the TV when its off (the irony!) . Like when Im in the gym, I'm too…


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An actual introduction like I promised

Oh boy, where to begin...

Well I suppose I'll start with the basics.

I'm Silverfish if you haven't guessed.   Silverfishes are these odd little insects that are very cute.  I'm an alright person, my favorite color is yellow or green, and I like to read.  I'm here like many others are here, seeking out answers or at the very least a community where I can perhaps find answers.  I, however, am here for a somewhat bizarre reason.  I'm here to see if I can…


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Dear wild minders,

while surfing the internet i found this thing called Visualization and decided to share it with everyone.

Visualization is a type of meditation which people do to get in contact with their subconscious mind to get what they want in life .They spend a long time visualizing things they want in life very vividly ,  similar to a maladaptive  daydreamer .

You can watch this video where a man is telling people how to visualize to programme the…


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Are these websites helpful ?

I found on WIKIHOW website  some advices to help understand MDD and deal with it:    

         -  http://www.wikihow.com/Deal-With-Maladaptive-Daydreaming

         - http://www.wikihow.com/Keep-from-Excessively-Daydreaming

         - …


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Hi guys!

So, I'm writing this quite late in the night and I am unable to sleep. I am an insomniac and it suprises me everyday how well i am able to cope on such little sleep. When I explained MD to my partner he suggested that continuous day dreaming and insomnia may somehow be linked? Whats your opinion on this? I am riddled and plagued by MD at the moment, I think for any addict we suffer phases where we feel we cannot cope, that there is a whirlwind that has taken over our…


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The light before we land.

i found it on the internet :D hope you like it.



The Light Before We…


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