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Sometimes I feel like my mum don't deserve me :'(

Another ranty post I'm afraid :(. So my mum gets in with a load of shopping and despite the situation being so predictable I offer to help out with putting the stuff away. I knew I'd just end up getting under my mums feet. She said "yes please that would be lovely" so I help her put some boxes of cereal away and some in the cupboards had little bits left in there. Trying to show a little bit of initiative I start trying to ask my mum whether anyone would eat the last bits of cereal. All of a…


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Not long to go :)

Still feeling a little poorly :( trying to will myself back to good health though as it's my birthday in like 50 minutes :). Kind of wish I had friends to share it with, sadly I am slightly lacking in that aspect of my life right now. I have an amazing family however to share it with :). I think they are taking me out somewhere to relax and down the pub for a couple of drinks then it's back home for a lovely bbq so I hope the weather holds :). xx

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I had the most amazing dream last night :$

Okay, so I see quite a few people getting into daydream relationships and while I have often daydreamed about that ideal girl, I have never really had the urge to make her 'more of a reality' so to speak.

However, last night I had a dream and I met the most amazing girl. It isn't often I have dreams that really stir me up but this one definitely did. I am not quite sure about how the dream really came about, in that some 'pre dream happenings' must have occurred. I found…


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Strange and painful couple of days :(

I've been in a sorry state the last couple of days ><. Went round my brother and his girlfriend's new house. Had a lovely time but it would have been even better if my wisdom teeth weren't causing me excruciating pain :'(. Had to have soup at one point and put up with some horrendous pain for a couple of days. Finally got to the dentist today and it turns out that I have a slight infection that requires antibiotics. Also have to rinse it with a syringe full of medicated solution…


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So my ex (as mentioned in a previous post) texts me telling me I am a user and a player and that she feels sorry for the next girl I'm with, because I changed my relationship status to single and open to the possibility of one day finding someone. She has now seemingly moved on pretty fine. Her surname has now changed to this other guys and its only been a couple of weeks. They are hugging and she looks happy. Looks like she has moved on pretty nicely. 

I do miss her,…


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Disillusioned with an Illusion

Slightly unrelated but I feel it's led to an increase in my daydreams.

I was in a relationship about a month ago, with a woman 13 years older than me. Some may call that creepy, others may say it's fine. I personally felt a degree of security and actually felt protective over this person like any boyfriend would. However, my darling mother, like clockwork waded in there and started prying and judging and needless to say the whole situation went collateral. My mum and me had a…


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My life so far

Where to begin?....my life as a whole has been more like a washing machine of emotion with everything continuously tumbling round and round seemingly without end. One emotion rolls immediately into the next. One minute I'm happy, the next I am sad, then I am lonely, then I love nothing more than being alone. 

Admittedly, I don't remember much about my childhood, only that it was warm and safe. Everything was new, places and experiences were exciting. I can roughly remember the…


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Childhood a daydream?

I don't know why it is, but my Maladaptive Daydreaming seems to have become more active lately. I think there is a good link between it and the events that are going on in my life. I've been having issues with my girlfriend lately and I'm scared about university. I am desperately trying to spend time with my family but sometimes it seems like they aren't fussed to which I'm guessing is fuelling my MD.

Tonight I'm particularly sad. I don't know why I've taken this to heart…


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Looking back over my new years eve post and realised in actual fact it doesn't reflect in the slightest how I feel at all. It's quite embarrassing actually >/p>

It's a sad fact that me and alcohol never mix very well. Due to having moderate anxiety issues I realise sometimes drinking can take something so minor and run with it. Anyhow I did get legless and in actual fact, after I got some air so to speak I actually had a great night. Though not such a great morning after I…


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Who can blame me?

I sit here now on new years eve watching my family unwinding and gearing up for 2014 and It feels like I'm watching a movie play out. A drab movie I'm forced to watch. A plane going down without its pilot being able to take to the controls. It's dawned on me that next year is going to be exactly like last year and this year and so on and so on no matter what aspiring resolutions I make to dramatically turn my life around.

The same music I don't listen to.  The same technology…


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Happy Christmas! :)

An hour until Christmas and I'm on beer number....I don't even know anymore lol. Before I get too drunk I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas even though I don't know anyone yet hehe :)

Hope you all have an amazing time with those that matter to you and don't daydream the day  away too much! 

Hoping to get to know you all soon.

Wolfie :D

*Had to edit this because I totally jumbled up the wording. I better stop now…


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MD Is my secret addiction

So I was kind of thinking about this last night and early this morning I don't think all that highly of myself, I never really have. I'm not negative about it or anything like I don't get all depressed. I just don't take in compliments so much they tend to go in one ear and out the other. Also, I've found I can still smile and feel happy but I'm never truly lifted without the weight of regret dragging me down. 

It's occurred to me when I day dream it usually revolves around me…


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On a bit of a downer

Trying to be more of a glass half full kind of guy but I can't help but feel a little despondent that my top university turned me down. It wasn't so much their decision but the reason for their decision that has upset me.

I was told I had a very strong application and I had almost all of the entry requirements asked of me except my GCSE maths which was C instead of B. I was hoping so much that I stood a chance but they rejected me outright without question.



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