I had the most amazing dream last night :$

Okay, so I see quite a few people getting into daydream relationships and while I have often daydreamed about that ideal girl, I have never really had the urge to make her 'more of a reality' so to speak.

However, last night I had a dream and I met the most amazing girl. It isn't often I have dreams that really stir me up but this one definitely did. I am not quite sure about how the dream really came about, in that some 'pre dream happenings' must have occurred. I found myself in this house with this other guy and while this aspect of the dream is quite blurry, something tells me that this other guy was me. 

Only it wasn't me. I guess you could say a double of sorts. Something tells me that in this dream I bumped into a double randomly and they roped me into some kind of plan. I was in this house (I presume theirs) and they wanted to look for something or do something without their girlfriend knowing or bothering them and should she come back to the house early I had to pretend to be them to keep her from catching them out.

I don't know whether this person actually was a double but in the dream this girl who I had never even met treated me like she knew me really well so I'm guessing he was. Anyhow, backtracking a little bit she came home earlier than expected and I was expected to 'act normal'. When I set eyes on her however, oh my god I never thought a dream person could stir up so much emotion and attraction. 

She had long black hair and brown eyes, the most amazing figure and slightly tanned skin I think. She seemed very bubbly but at the same time deliberately shy. I instantly felt myself becoming deeply attracted to her. We began this playful game of flirting but she kept hesitating and pulling back, almost teasing me into chasing her. 

Eventually she cuddled up to me and I held her in my arms, then gazing up at me she kissed me, passionately. It was the most amazing kiss I have experienced ever. I felt so much burning chemistry there. Then the dream ended right there. 

I woke up feeling a mixture of emotions. I felt longing but at the same time guilt that I probably stole someones girlfriend off of them and was slightly deceptive ><. I feel intrigue as I so badly wish I could see this girl again and get to be with her some more.

I can honestly say I have never had a person in a dream stir me up quite like that before :$. It's kind of a feeling of wanting something that you know you cannot have. So wishing dreams were real right now ><.

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