Looking back over my new years eve post and realised in actual fact it doesn't reflect in the slightest how I feel at all. It's quite embarrassing actually >/p>

It's a sad fact that me and alcohol never mix very well. Due to having moderate anxiety issues I realise sometimes drinking can take something so minor and run with it. Anyhow I did get legless and in actual fact, after I got some air so to speak I actually had a great night. Though not such a great morning after I may add :P.

I've realised I just have to persevere. So what if I'm not quite in with the crowd? That doesn't entitle me to 'special treatment'. The world won't have any respect for me until I start respecting myself for what makes me who I am. I've realised I've become so wrapped up in self pity I'm using it to torment myself, as well as blaming the world just because life happens. 

That's just it though life DOES happen. It happens to every single person in this world. No one is immune from the cuts, bruises, scars that life gives them. 

It's about getting up dusting yourself off and moving on. I have a lot to enjoy right now and I don't intend to squander it like I have done any more. 

I may be quirky but heck there are probably far more quirky people out there that would make me feel a billion times more sane and I bet a lot of them are happy being that way too :)

I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a beautiful girlfriend who loves me for me and I think she is absolutely amazing I love her with all my heart. It pains me that sometimes I lose sight of her in my self pity and low moods, not any more though. 2014 won't be a year that I watch  drift by.

I fully intend to live it :D

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