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An Introduction to My Warped Little Mind

Salutations, people! I just got onto this site today, and so I'll make a post about myself, I suppose. So heres a brief introduction. I am...well, I would say eccentric, but that is the biggest understatement of the century. I daydream. A lot. I am assuming that everyone else here does too. But it's been weird for me since I started high school.

Now, let me clarify. My high school is a living hell. And one day after a stressful day at school, I felt awful. Not necessarily physically, but… Continue

Added by Staaph on October 31, 2015 at 9:08am — 1 Comment

Older person with MD

Hi, everyone.  I'm new here.  I'm 55, and two days ago I realized that I've been an addictive daydreamer as long as I can remember.  I'm an ACOA, and the MD probably started as a response to my family environment, but people have been calling me on it (in one way or another) since the beginning, and it's definitely caused me some problems with interpersonal relationships.

I also have long-standing depression (currently responding very well to exercise and diet:  no meds at the moment)…


Added by Susan P on October 27, 2015 at 11:10am — 8 Comments

How do you study??Help please

Hi guys.

This is my first post here.I'm 22 years old and i've been daydreaming ever since from my childhood.I just wanted to ask how do you guys manage to study?i'm having a really hard time at university.i can't focus when i'm in the class or even when i'm trying to study my lessons.i can't concentrate at all on any of them and although i'm not a bad student and i spend a lot of time studying,my grades have never been this low and even i could get expelled from the university due to…


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The Science Of Maladaptive Daydreaming

Maladaptive daydreamers enjoy daydreams to an extend that they can not resist the temptation of it,its like an addiction of drug.If you don't take the drug you get a nagging feeling,typical drug addicts flood their circuit with a neurotrasmitter called dopamine which is a neurotransmitter present in regions of the brain that regulate movement, emotion, cognition, motivation, and feelings of pleasure. The overstimulation of this system, which rewards our natural behaviors, produces the…


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My story

I have never known about dd until this website. I have done it all my life. People think I'm quiet and shy. I can smile and have conversations at work and home, but no one knows that there are loving people living in my head. 

It is the most wonderful thing in the world to have a family and comfort to go to. I will never let them go. By reading on here I am sure that my childhood was buried. It will stay that way. 

My live has been good and I've worked and have grown kids. My…


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I am very fond of using maps to visualize my daydream world down to the very street names. It helps me keep track of where and when my story takes place, and what I could use in later parts of a story. 

(Map of the Kennedian homeland)

Sorry if you cannot read the small black font in the green of the forest, those just point our certain landmarks such as family…


Added by Richard Quest on October 11, 2015 at 1:47pm — 3 Comments

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