I am very fond of using maps to visualize my daydream world down to the very street names. It helps me keep track of where and when my story takes place, and what I could use in later parts of a story. 
(Map of the Kennedian homeland)

Sorry if you cannot read the small black font in the green of the forest, those just point our certain landmarks such as family burial rings. Possibly the most well mapped area of my dreams is Kennedy just because it is so small and close to my real life home. I actually made this map by overlaying a piece of paper over google maps of my hometown: some of the roads that exist in real life exist in my story. Kennedy is well known for its sacred forest and I wanted to map it out because many side stories occur in the forest.  

(Map of the FreeState of Kennedy)

This is a zoning map of the FreeState of Kennedy, I often look back at it to draw correctly the buildings in my city. It took me several days to come up with proper street names that will make sense in my world. Again I overlayed the map onto google maps to draw in current streets and to keep the buildings the right size. 

(Map of QueensLand)

This is probably my only map of the capital city of the United States, QueensLand. I don't really like the street layout and how it was built, but I kept it to keep my story going. In the city it is very crowded to the point the Queen bans the use of cars within the city walls just to keep the noise and pollution down. The capitol building which is located in the river was put there to make it safe from invasion, but it just made the city more congested. This reveals how quickly and relatively poorly planned the city was.The walls are basically useless because it just traps the army inside the city, but to no real advantage at firing other than height. Many people do not like the layout of QueensLand and many times people have proposed to move the capitol somewhere else, but the Queen loves it there so it remained the capitol of the country. Other than Northland, this is the worst city to live in the union.

(Early Map of the US)

This was a very old map I drew a couple years back, it's not entirely accurate though. I drew arbitrary state lines and labeled them, but other than that, I haven't actually named the states of the union in my 10  years of daydreaming--they're just not important enough. Another weird thing is Grande Mexico, I thought up that country but didn't do anything with it yet, so at this point, it's just sitting there with no back story.

(Map of Everglade City)

Perhaps the weirdest city I've come up with is Everglade City the gambling capitol of the world. Located in the swamps of the Florida Everglades, it's like Venice of America but without the glory, and with the extra trashiness. There are no roads, but there are canals for boats to navigate. the walls are only for protection from hurricanes, because pirates often sack the cities casinos from the sky, making the walls useless defensively. 

These are only a few of my maps I've created, do you guys do something like this? Do you want to learn more? Comment! :D

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Comment by Richard Quest on November 3, 2015 at 1:52pm

Sorry if I'm late to respond, but I do draw all these maps from memory. Once I draw them, though I often forget the look in my head... just for more room fr more details. My space for this creation is the whole world, but I have indeed actually did floorplans before.

Comment by Bee on October 29, 2015 at 6:26am

I love these - they're awesome! I've always loved the maps at the start fantasy novels - so much detail. Great example of how much information the MD mind can create, process and organise. I think non-md people would be blown away by how complex and intricate it is. 

 I "work" within a much smaller space, but I have thought about doing a floor plan to organise things. 

Comment by Jose on October 25, 2015 at 12:07am
I have done maps too!

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