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what the counsellor said

i saw a counsellor today to talk about stuff.

We discussed self esteem, anxiety, depression,daydreaming, etc.

to explain md I  let her read that little blurb about md on the home page of wildminds. She wasnt shocked freaked out and said i was normal. She said That I have social anxiety and self esteem issues and my way of coping with it is daydreaming. She says next time i see…


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seeing a counsellor tommorow, what should I say?

im seeing a counsellor or therapist or whatever tommorow. My moms making me go because a month ago i had a break down and said i hated myself wanted to kill myself. heh. 

I know what I want to say about that, how should i bring up md? How should I tell her? How do I explain without her thinking its schizophrenia?  should I show her pictures ive drawn or posts from this site? 

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admit it.  you've had numerous sex scenes in your daydream, I do.

Though I find it awkward and creepy, I feel like im just....watching. Some characters have more sex scenes than others, some characters I just dont want to see that. Im not in my own daydream so i dont like, watch myself have sex with someone (oh god) there just 2 characters having sex and ya sometimes i feel weird .When i was younger i was paranoid people could read my mind and see im thinking about my…


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just thought I'd share

a picture i drew

of two of my characters

just before they start dating and stuff

kinda cheesy but hey

i told myself i wouldnt post every picture I draw of characters cause I dont wanna spam the site with my stufff but i had to share this cause theyre so cute…


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does anyone else do this

Often when I daydream I use atmospheres im familiar with for the settings. for example, one of my characters house is the exact same as my aunts house. one of my characters has the same house as my next door neighbour. and the school they go to looks exactly like mine. I guess its difficult for me to make up my own room or house and remember exactly how I made it everytime. I mean like, its its a bedroom or something they'll have different furniture,wall paint, etc but the its the same…


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