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Fallen Messenger's Blog – May 2017 Archive (3)

An interesting MD website

I was surfing online and I found this awesome website about MD. It has some interesting perspectives. I recommend you check it out here! Anyways, dream on my friends!

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I'm almost finished writing a poetry book and I felt like I should share just a few poems that relate to MD.


10/14/16 2:29 pm


I'm slowly drifting to the end of the earth.

I'm slowing become someone else.

Losing hope,

Losing my mind.




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     I have been a maladaptive daydreamer my whole life...or ever since I could remember. But honestly, I don't remember much. I have close to zero recollection of my childhood. I don't remember last week hardly at all. I have wonderful short term memory, kinda. I remember important things like eating, sleeping, and going to school. But I don't have any memory of little things. I will set my phone down and walk away, I come back in a frantic search to find my phone because I don't remember…


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