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I'm almost finished writing a poetry book and I felt like I should share just a few poems that relate to MD.


10/14/16 2:29 pm


I'm slowly drifting to the end of the earth.

I'm slowing become someone else.

Losing hope,

Losing my mind.


Lost in another reality.

Lost without my senses.






Where is my home,

Where is my heart?

I'm slowly becoming someone else,

For better and for worse.

I'm losing my sense of truth,

I'm losing my first reality,

I'm losing my hope.


I'm hopelessly enslaved in another world.

I cannot leave,

And I'm lost.

Lost without my home,

Lost without my heart,

Lost without my being,

And all that I am,

Is drifting away to the end of the earth.


For when is now,
That the true reality shall come foreign in my eyes,
When I shall look and feel the observer’s cries,
And I shall say:

Is this real?
For when it shall come to pass,
The immortality of man,
I shall be freed from this state of bondage,
Lest the world be turned against me,
Then I shall die for my cause,
And thus it is, Amen.


Reality passes me by in the blink of an eye,
And is often a last resort,
For I'd rather live in the world I can contort.
This a brand new burden,
One I cannot let go,
And I'm now stuck in my traditions,
Of a new world,

So now I cannot escape the gravity of that place.
And I feel I am needed,
Like my destiny resides there,
And so should I.
For my crown is awaiting,
I need to fight for freedom in that plane,
And I need to fly to new heights there,
For I can rise there.

I am meant to rule,
So I can free my people,
Although their existence is as thin as air.
So I have to be there.
For it is my destiny.
And for these reasons,
I hope you can excuse me,
For often being an empty shell of a body,
For being absent from reality,
For it often passes me by in the blink of an eye.


My heart grieves for another reality,
Where I could be free from my own thoughts,
And my soul might be intact,
And I won't walk alone in my dreams,
Take me there!
Where my spirit might exist!
I desire thereof!

Please, dear subconscious,
Take me there,
Where I won't have to pretend,
I could just be who I am,
I wish my true reality was a dream,
Take me there,
Dear subconscious,
Because my heart grieves for another reality.


Falsehoods arise,
As I fall.
My conscience,
Is the whole of me,
Even as my body is the vessel.

For often greater things,
Have no weight,
So my thoughts are exalted,
Even as greater things might be reached,
Although I am just as thin as air,
I am much more than vision can express,

For I am a ruler in my right,
I am a master,
Of design,
Even as countless worlds I have made,
All but inside,
The whole of me.

Even as the skies and seas are.
So are mine.
And no more shall society forbid,
Such as I am,
For that is as thin as air,

And even if I am about to crash,
My falsehoods shall arise,
And I will fall.



Only if you knew,
The sad,
The sad and bleak truth.

About me,
No one will ever know,
The key,
The key is lost forever,

To me,
My soul is locked away,
My mind,
Will never go astray,

And you,
Will live in my shadows,
And that's,
All you'll ever know,
The gate,
Iron, steel, and locked.

My shadows,
Will grow taller as night nears,

And I,
Will fade away with darkness,
My existence,
Is as bleak as the truth,

I am,
I am always alone.
No where,
No where for you to come from,

For I am sealed,
I am kept,
I am always kidnapped by my mind.
I'm far,
I am gone,
And I wouldn't go back even for my life.
For here I am,
This is my home,
Walking down strange halls,
I'm always alone.

Is my name,
Don't forbid me,
Worse is yet to come again.

For this is me,
Who I am,
Just a ghost,
My time is at hand.

Oh but only in my mind,
Will you ever see the time,
And my world,
My own plague,
My existence within,
I am lost again.

But you,
You shall never see,
For the gate,
Iron, steel, and locked,
And I,
I reside,
Within my kingdom land.

But only if,
If you knew,
The sad,
Sad and bleak truth.

That I,
I never was,
And my shadow grows,
And I fade,
From your mind,

Where I am,
Never know,
Where you stand,

Who you are,
Drift through the stars.
For there I am,
Made anew,
As my secrets,
Come to you,

Even as I am,
So shall you,
Gates are built,
Built anew.

For here you are,
Now knowing,
As you reside,
In my,
Kingdom land,

Locked away,
No key found,
Ruler you shall be,
Even as I was,

For here I am,
Inside you mind,
Lost forever,
And all of time.

For now you know,
Truth to be shown,
But never let in,
For that is the greatest sin.

Here only the dead reside,
Only after their time,
And so shall you,
You shall ascend,
To my glory,
My kingdom land,
And reside,
For all of time,
For you are now,
Part of the sound,
And truly one of us.



For the sake of my mental health,
Please leave me be,
For the sake of my mental health,
Let me stare longingly at the night,
For recovery and a peaceful life,

Let me slip away!
Let me be in my own world!
Let me become my tales,
Let me fill the void in my heart,
Let me sync with my subconscious,

Oh, dear Lord!
Help me through!
So I might have strength to conquer,
And become anew!
So please!
If it's the last thing I do!

Let me slip away!
Let me be one with my spirit!
Let me be,
With me!
For the sake!
Oh, for the sake!
Of my mental health!

Let me become!
Who I ought to be!
Let me fly away into the void,
So I might fill!
Even if it's the last thing I do!

Let me be,
So I can reconcile,
With my faults within!

Even if I never wake up from my dreams!
Know that I live by better means.
Even if I hate this reality,
Know that there's something I love,
Even if it's intangible,
Let me be!

Let me be!
To be one with my world!
With my tales!
Let me be.

Even if it's the last thing I do!
I shall be known!
I will be immortal!
Even if it isn't real,
I can still dream,

Even if I don't wake up!
Please know,
I live by better means,
In a place I love!
Near and dear!

So please,
Leave me be!
For the sake,
For the sake of my mental health!


Anyways, those are just some of the poems I have written that relate to MD and how it effects me. I have a very vague style in most of my poems, so try and decipher them if you like. 

Anyways, this is the end of my post, my fellow MDers, and comment a piece of literature that you've written or any comments in general!  

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