Curse of the Imagination & Gateway (poetry)


WRITTEN ON  7/5/17 AT 4:12 PM

I was on the verge of greatness,

but then the greatest catastrophe,

even the consequence of entropy.

My passion became a cold fire,

my resolve crumbled down,

I began to fade away soundlessly.

Thoughts abuzz of a new world,

turned into white noise,

as I aimlessly fell into an inner slumber.

Looking into a glass cube1,

wherein my honest reality lies,

desperately prying in.

The curse of the imagination manifests,

where reality is surreal,

and true residence is within a lie.

Mind playing tricks,

world without number,

but only within such a mind.

I was on the verge of greatness,

but then reality stuck,

as so the greatest catastrophe. 



WRITTEN ON 7/8/17 AT 2:09 PM

I was rested upon a cloud,

even as my feet dragged across the Earth,

I could see,

two worlds in front of me,

and all the places I'd rather be.


without a sense of being,

stuck in the gateway,

of life and fantasy.

Halfway in Utopia,

but then reality comes calling,

as the glass cube shatters,

it places it's fragments within my soul,

piercing my heart,

as I begin to bleed out.

With my mind shattered,

and my heart in tatters,

I am forced to choose,

but yet to live,

all within two realities.

Embellished with lies,

painted with fantasy,

but then reality comes calling,

all with a forceful blow,

as static of frustration.

As one is better,

for I know.

but the other grows with appeal.

For all my desires,

for my liberty,

for my honesty,

all for my fragments.

Observing from afar,

two realities,

hardly one psyche,

one love,

one home,

one foundation,

and one sky.

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Comment by EntiWarmRock on July 15, 2017 at 1:20pm

What if you made the two realities into one ;)

Even daydreams happen under the sun. Reality is a somewhat grey plain with pockets of  sunshine. No wonder people can prefer daydreams. But those pockets of sunshine are worth all the daydreams in the world :) Their beauty is solid, touchable, and real. Real people to touch who love you. You've just got to fight to get them.

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