There's a conversation in her eyes,

Continents and oceans,

Stars and moons,

A whole world of hidden emotion,


There's a million people,

In the world that we can’t see,


Through her broken lips of mystique.


Impressions and dynamics,

All leaving their mark on her heart,

So that she might build,

Her whole world to embark,


Leaving behind,

And a trail of broken glass,

Her feet may bleed,

But again, she returns to repass.


A thousand voices,

Come echoing through her head,

Stars fall,

For so it is said.


She stands atop,

One hundred souls,

Blessed by the figmentary,

All scratching for control.


All holding it in,

Tales of old,

But to embark,

On the quest of untold.


On the verge of something great,

On the verge of giving in,

Here she fights,

Against her own sin.


Sparkling fortunes,

Inside her glimmering mind,

Characters and nations,

Of which have been perfectly refined.


No one understands,

The glory within,

Only the pain,

That has always been.


Rules and dominions,

All shining through her eye,

Such as the conversation,

And her entire world, awry.


I love to describe MD in as many poetic ways as possible. I find that the concept of MD itself is pretty cool and packed with inspiration (from the perspective of a writer) To think that you can be literally addicted to your own mind and have whole worlds with unique dynamics and cultures in your mind is really cool. I know personally that MD sucks and having an addiction is the worst thing possible, but just finding some way to vent that creativity or that struggle can really help. You can connect with yourself better, which is something I've found to be challenging for us extremely dissociate MDers, and create something in the process. I find that just having something that you've made with your whole heart in your hand in so satisfying. I am an avid writer, and MD surprisingly goes along with it really well, and I think it is the one way that you can most fully express yourself as an MDer.

In this poem I say that she is fighting 'against her own sin'. I would like to clarify the meaning of this. When I was little, probably about 10, I kept telling her to stop using crude words to speak normally, what she told me is that 'everyone has their own sin' that statement didn't make much sense at the time, she probably didn't understand the importance in it herself, but it means that we all have our faults and you can't just expect them to change right away, without effort. People recognize their imperfections, and to tell them to become perfect all the sudden, that's not how it works. I have found that my 'sin' or imperfection that I have extreme difficulty changing, is MD. So, in the poem, when I say that she is fighting against her own sin, I am saying that she is fighting against her MD and her urge to daydream. Of course, as always, there are multiple meanings packed into that stanza, but that is the most important one I want all of you to understand and that I see the importance of clarifying. There are other phrases with more indirect meanings in there, and I want you to think about them and how it all relates into your life.

This poem takes a more positive connotation to MD, but it also explores the negatives. Regardless, I hope you can relate to this poem and strive to be 'on the verge of greatness' with humility. Have a great day and I hope you enjoyed my little poem I wrote!

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