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I am going to warn you, this WILL be a lengthy post! I am going to share with you about my current daydreams!

It all started about four years ago. I decided to read a book that my friends have been pressuring me to read, the book is the Maximum Ride series, great books! But That isn't all... after reading all eight books in 2-3 months, my mind wanted more, a better ending... my mind wanted me in the book. I started my daydreaming when I spaced out for like 3 minutes a day about me being with the characters in the book, I was a mutant, like them. After about half a year of this, I got bored.

Then I got invested into gemology (the study of gems) I renamed my character Diamond (I was young) Diamond in latin means something like unbreakable and invincible, I liked that. Diamond went on her OWN adventures. Eventually she wasn't a mutant, and she had her own story to tell. She was of royal heir on another planet, her parents were scared because she was so powerful. They sent her away to earth so she would never inherit the throne on Cancri E (the home planet) Diamond was put into an adoption center. nobody wanted Diamond because they were scared of her powers... they thought she was weird.Eventually she became 17, this was during the great depression, so they kicked her out. She lived off of the streets of Boston for a year until she found a book, and she got inspired to find her destiny. She later found spells to take her to her parents' castel. She battled her father for the throne, and cast his soul away into a diamond box.

After her victory, she started to become cocky, and evil. She was promised from a higher law that if she would stay good, and fight for the cause of good, she would live forever, but if she wouldn't, she would die. Diamond realized that it would be more convenient for her throne to be placed on Earth, one of the only planets without a head king and queen, she placed a flag on the top of the earth that would destroy Cancri E and make earth more like the planet. but with cancri E gone, the universe was out of balance, and everything got destroyed, She was punished to dwell on earth for as long as she lived. What she didn't remember in all the chaos is that she got married and had a child before she became evil (she was like 25 at this point) her daughter, whom was immortal because she was good.

Her child (named Celestia) goes on the build a tower through fatigue and waits until the three moons that were left of Cancri E, aligned, Then everything was brought back to normal. Later.

Celestia has a daughter too, her name is Amity Amoura, Amouras are like the last name but instead of a family line, its of the nobel people in only Amity's generation, The soul of Diamond's father breaks free over time and Amity has to stop him, She gathers an army and fights him. She becomes a princess knight. He goes on to kill every Amoura and takes their powers, but he saves Amity for last. Amity is the most powerful being at this point, but he captures Amity. She escapes using the teleportation spell Diamond used to 'kill' her parents. Amity realizes she can make him good by giving im her pure immortal soul, to make up for his condemned immortal soul. What nobody knows is that Diamond's Mother is really the bad person. Diamonds father extracts Amity's soul from him, and gives it to his wife (Queen Camille) Amity's body is alive, but she is dead without her soul. Eventually Amity's friends who are not Amouras sneak attack on Queen Camille and her husband (king Garmon) and kill them once and for all. Letting their bodies AND souls die.

I haven't developed Celestia's character all that much... but I hope that you enjoyed how weird my daydreams are anyways! This IS what inspires my poetry. Check me out on www.quotev.com/letwordsflywithamity ! I'd love to hear about your daydreams and struggles! Keep fighting!

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Comment by Rachel on January 9, 2016 at 8:30am

This is really interesting! Reminds me of the Lunar Chronicles a bit, but far more intense and intricate. Haha, I like how every paragraph gets more intricate and just illustrates how our daydreams just increase in magnitude the longer we think of them. The longer we think, the better they get. Thanks for sharing! :)

Comment by Fallen Messenger on January 1, 2016 at 6:10pm
When something unpleasant happens in life, on the bus ride home, I just have some DD time and blow off my friends! It is a blessing because all of my insecurities just vanish! Since MDD is closely related to OCD, all Maladaptive (or so I call us) attached to you daydreams and don't want them gone, but at the same time do want them gone but. I guess it doesn't matter until an official treatment comes out... I daydream of that day!
Comment by Camoran on January 1, 2016 at 2:06pm
An intricate story. Funny how this DDing we have is a curse in everyday life but immediately turns into a blessing when creating stories. I went as far as involving time travel, so...
Comment by Fallen Messenger on January 1, 2016 at 8:09am

I use the good traits of my characters to be my role models. Like for an example, Amity is the only person left who is powerful in her generation, I like that unto myself, I must stay strong, even if I'm the only one.

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