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wowo its been such a long time ive come here . almost a month.. ihave to type fast cuz if mom sees me on the computer and not studying shell scream at me...

the last 2 months have been the most difficult months of my life.. in college i failed for 5 subjects..i couldnt face my classmates after that. evryone knew i had failed because the professors read out the name of failures in the class...

my mom was furious with me... now im under 24 hr surveillance by her ..

i feel so fed…


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i h8 my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow my life is officially OVER!!! because

a)we have an xteremely important exam tomorrow and i have LOTS to learn.i cant focus because of my daydreaming habit and i didnt learn much before either because of said daydreaming...

b)im sick!i have a cold,sore throat back ache and fever.ikeep sneezing every 10 mother still says i have to write the exam even when there is a retest for absentees!she keeps givin me all these pills.she made me drink 1litre of ginger tea…


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i had taken a strict disorder to NOT daydream anymore but once it starts its sooooo difficult to stop.yesterday,i daydreamed the entire night.i tried to stop myself but i just couldnt.there was so much of work to be done but there i was all over the place pacing and laughing like an idiot!a TOTAL idiot!i mean anyone who saw me at that moment would have thought i was mad or something...

thank god my mom was asleep or else...........

usually when i start to daydream (that is when…


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what do you do if you are ugly?my mom makes fun of me every single day. shes really pretty you see and she keeps telling me that im really ugly. im so fed up of hearing that.i look at myself in the mirror and wince.this is so not how i want to look.i tried to make myself look better.but no hope.some people make fun of me.

how do you accept the way you are when your own mother  doesnt?

we live in a looks oriented world where everyday we are bombarded with images of beautiful…


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these days i daydream more than i should and find it difficult to stop.its usually about me a more idealised version of myself .My world the way i want it to i was lyin on my bed as usual laugh…

these days i daydream more than i should and find it difficult to stop.its usually about me a more idealised version of myself .My world the way i want it to i was lyin on my bed as usual laughing and talking to myself when my mom walked into my room.she was like "what are you doing" and i thought oh god i am so mom thinks something is wrong with me because i…


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the sun rises,heralding the start of a new day

spreading hues of orange in the dim sky

i wake up to my mothers shoutings

her shrill voice piercing through my soul

she says"why arent you awake,GO AND STUDY".

i sigh in exasperation,i know that there is

no use in retaliation.

i have to succumb to reality

i am a prisoner in my own home

my mother being the strict jailor.

each day i hatch a plan to escape'

each day i…


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fantasy land

as far as i can remember iv always been a shy kid,didnt have many friends..teachers always used to tell my mom at a pta meeting "that your child is really quiet and dont have any friends".i grew up being very quiet.i tried to talk to ppl and make friends but its really difficult for me. i used to feel jealous of all the other kids hanging out in groups and laughing and having fun.whereas i just sit in a corner staring into empty space.

my dad has never been there for me and its my mom…


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md literally ruined my life. i started md when i was 11 yrs old.but it progressively increased as the years went by.. when i reached 12th grade i couldnt study a thing.when i was to study i would daydream. i remeber lying on my bed shaking up with laughter and talkin out loud to my characters in my daydream.. i wasted so many hours this way.hours i cannot take back.soon my grades started slipping..i used to be one of he top students in my class.all my teachers asked "whats happening to…


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