i had taken a strict disorder to NOT daydream anymore but once it starts its sooooo difficult to stop.yesterday,i daydreamed the entire night.i tried to stop myself but i just couldnt.there was so much of work to be done but there i was all over the place pacing and laughing like an idiot!a TOTAL idiot!i mean anyone who saw me at that moment would have thought i was mad or something...

thank god my mom was asleep or else...........

usually when i start to daydream (that is when i feel its about to begin)i just go to sleep.when i wake up i forget all about my dream.but yesterday i overslept and woke up reallly late in the morning.so much for staying up at night and studying...

anyone has any techniques to acheive instant focus and concentration let me know in the comments below..


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Comment by Queen Dopamine on January 30, 2014 at 8:51pm

I agree that it's always dangerous to say that you'll never do it again. I understand that it can be a negative thing. Concentration is a big pitfall to all of us. While staying busy, i.e. keeping a full schedule with deadlines, is very helpful, I still daydream. I allow myself to do it. But I will only indulge until I feel I've worn out a particular scenario.

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