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I wonder...

What it would be like to try to make a survey to see how we all pan out since similarities exist -- you know, comparing any diagnoses we have had, our living situations past and present and how we all look at our futures. You know?  I really want to look into creating one, however time consuming and thinking of all the content may take some time. 

Anyway, I was wondering (to whoever reads) which things (realistic!) you have 'experienced' in your DD compared to things you have not…


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I vanished for a while.  I have since lost that job I absolutely hated and found a part-time job which I don't mind but it certainly doesn't help my student loans and affording health care.  Bleh!

Anyway, I actually came back, in particular, to see if anyone mentioned that "walter Mitty" film since I know we dabbled about it a few months ago.  I would like to see it but I'm not very social so I'll wait for it to come out with Rebox or Netflix and watch it. 

As a general…


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I have been MIA!

I have been gone for a while... I did start that new job, and in the beginning it was great as I was so consumed by learning new tasks and staying alert-- I didn't daydream much!  Then, it kicked right back in and I was also on 'side alert' to make sure no one would catch me!

It really made me realize how crazy this really could be to the average person!  

I haven't been able to see my therapist for a while though, as right now I'm in the 90 day period of my job where I'm…


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I saw my therapist today, and told him about this... !

It went very well.  I had trouble getting a moment to include it in my session, as we tend to intermingle other things-- my ptsd list rundown, then the job prospect, current little assignments I do weekly.  Finally with 15 minutes left I squeezed it in. 

He knew what I was talking about, said the "maladaptive part" is based on perspective!  He mentioned how almost everyone does it.  But, not everyone continues past childhood or even thinks of it as anything other than a few seconds…


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A sort-of Part II

I realize many talk about their other self(-ves) and I was in too much ...shock to even think of it.  

First off, today being the first day aware of what's going on and how it happens to others, I was going to go out to dinner and do some window shopping with a friend.  It was a nice time, but I knew I was a bit off.  Even as I type this I feel like I'm seeing someone else type it (aka my "alter ego").  It's so strange.  

When I first started really remembering this, I was…


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It has a name!

I'm new here and found this via The Experience Project, along with various experiences I commented on.  

This has been going on for a very long time, since age 4? 6?  I really can't say.  But I do remember when it started to take away from my life.  I was 12.  I started high school (we had no junior high, you went to the big school from grades 7-12).  Lots of things at that time were horrific and I began having mood swings and a lot of depression.  Since then I've had lots of other…


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