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Just need to vent this..

One day while in the car I looked in the mirror (don't worry I wasn't driving my mom was) and said "Ugh my acne is so bad". Jokingly I said "Why am I so ugly".

My mom says "Maybe you need therapy. It's not normal for you to be complaining about things like this and you calling yourself ugly" "You get too emotional and I am scared one day you will do something"

This really upset me because...

1.) I was joking around. I am fine with my appearances. Along time ago I had low… Continue

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Side effects

If you tell people who don't have md what it is they will most likely think it is not such a big deal. They will most likely say "I dd too" "Oh there is no such thing as md. We all dd"

This is why I don't tell anyone. No one understands the tool it can have on us.

Am I the only one who stays in their room and just daydreams? I love it. I sit in the car with my headphones and dd when we go places. It a beautiful escape.

My mom now always tell me that I am always… Continue

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Am I the only one?

Who feels like a sick freak for dd...?
I feel if my family, friends, or strangers would think
"ew.. That's how maniacs start" "sick no lifer" "what a weirdo"
I feel like I am weird for this.. Am I the onlyone who feels like this? Are we freaks?

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If you could would you?

If you could live in your dd world would you?

I often imagine drifting away from this world and going into mine.

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I am currently a senior.

Im not as happy as I thought I would be.

In fact I hate the idea of it. Graduating. I am not ready. In fact I am less than ready.

My Act score sucks. I feel I won't get into a college of my choice.

But I have a deam. It may be dumb to some people but to me it's why I am on this earth. I want to work in the fashion field in some way be it design, make up, hair, ect. But I want to make an impact! I want to be a role model to other young girls like… Continue

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I love you guys

Truely I do. I am glad to meet people who are just like me and someone I can relate to and reach my had to. Thanks everyone for helping me with my problems :)

Just wanted to say how much your advice and opinions matter to me

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Senior year! Help!

Please guys I need your help!

I am going to be a senior and instead of being excited I am worried!

My freshman and part of my sophomore year I did bad. I did way better my jr year like all a's and 1 b better. This year was my first time doing the ACT and I flipped and did very bad. I have done community hours but didn't get them signed because I had to leave my old school but never thought of it. I am so worried that I won't be able to get into a good college. People… Continue

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The Radio Girl and the Fantasy Garden

This video reminded me of myself and MD. Its in Japanese but has subs. :)

She reminds me of myself because I guess her having a radio intena is just like me with my headphones. The fact how she doesn't like reality and wants to escape it. How she "creates" he own world and comrades and wants to protect it is just like me. Though I would like to stop my dd I have become a little attached I guess because it's a "perfect world". It like the girl is playing god. She knows its not… Continue

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Hey everyone are you like this?

I just wanted to know if you are like this or if this has happened to you?

When I dd and am lisening to music and when someone bugs me I get scared or mad I dont mean to but I snap sometimes I feel like telling my whole family so they know when I have headphones on or if I am dazed out leave me alone. I dont mean to be like this but I dont like being snapped out of my dd.

Also I was wondering if this has happed to you. For example I dd of a character on a hill but for some reason I… Continue

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Becoming myself! I think this is helping

I am trying to become a bit more like the me in my dd for example the me in my dd plays instuments and sings. I am now doing this and it turns out I really like it and I am more satisfied. Sure I am not playing in front of millions but it's just so more real and more myself. Unlike my dd self I never did much I was just there I use to just be a by stander who just blended in but I want to become my dd self the person I know I am. I took on track and am trying to talk to people now. I am hanging… Continue

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Life is just to boring

I don't know what to do anymore. I can't take how boring life is. Even if I go and do something fun I am never satisfied. I wish I could live in my dd it's so much better. No limitations. Life is just to boring it not as great as the movies. Its just so empty it's like a glass of water. Plain. I want to live a life of adventure. What should I do.? Am I the only one? Wish I could close my eyes and wake up in my dd and have control.

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So much for that

After a month of not daydreaming about my world I caved in today and daydreamed. I'm so upset I can't seem to stop. Even when I don't daydream about my world daydream of other things. How can I stop this does anyone have any tips?

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Making up for lost time...

Hey guys ! First Id like to say thank you everyone for your advice, support, and reading my blog no matter how boring it may be.

Now that I have found out about maladaptive daydreaming I have become aware of how I act. I have realize how I confine myself up in my room instead of spending time with my family and how I don't talk too much friends and I isolate myself from others. I feel bad because my family thinks it's because I don't want spend time with them when in reality I would… Continue

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Summer time, unrequited love and goals

Thank God that summer is here and school is over. I was really worried that dd would ruin me like my freshman and half my soph year. I was dd so much back then I did really bad at school. This time though I didnt let it mess meup. I am proud to ay I got A's and B's :)


I joined track and have been hanging out with friends. I am glad to have them in my life they are amazing and have helped keep dd far from me. Its weird…


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DD and love

So I havent been dd much due to my mind being on my crush. Its way better than laying in bed and dd. I do dd a bit still about him hehe. So I gained the courage to ask him to dance with me at prom and he said yes! I am happy but atthe same ime worried he wasjust being nice. i want to text him or talk to him because I am scared I m a burden on him. It is hard to say sine he is just to kind. What should I do? I want this to work.

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Love advice?

My DD has stopped for now... Since I have now been running with some friends. Running has tooken DD off my mind and my crush has too. When things are going great I have no desire to DD I just DD here and there about my crush but not about my world which is good but now my happiness is kinda coming undone. I am kinda worried I will be going back to DD. The only reason my happiness is going away is homework stress and my crush haha. So I…


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Talking to friend about md

In advance sorry if this is boring (>_<)/





I have made a new best friend since I moved to my old town. Honestly I didnt think I could do it. I use to be very shy and never talked to new people (at my old town my friends were childhood friends). Luckly I got the courage to try and make friends and now I have no problem of making friends and am rather social (sort of.. still get nervous with new people).  I…


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Has DD done this to you??

               I feel that DD has made me shy. I use to not be shy in 6th grade I was loud and made many friends. I have lots of friends still but I am shy and dont talk to much. I feel that I do not have a personality sometimes. For two years I have been going to a high school but had to move my jr year. I hated moving away from a place i felt confortable. I managed to over comming my fears and made lots of friends. My problem is just talking to them. Its not that I do not want to bt I feel…


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Am I the only one who feels this way??

I feel my life isnt as fun as my dd's. I rather have magic and do fun things than this regular boring life.


Does yone else feel this way?

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DD and Tests

I realize how easily I can day dream and how often I do it. It sucks sometimes when I daze out on tests (like my oh so important Taks today). I try not to dd but before I know it I do. I need to start having some self control I feel bad because when I am in the car and have my headphones people want to talk to me but I rather dd. I also want to gt rid of this before it causes bigger problems. I just wonder how to stop when I have no self control. Hopefully I wont daze out on my math.

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