If you tell people who don't have md what it is they will most likely think it is not such a big deal. They will most likely say "I dd too" "Oh there is no such thing as md. We all dd"
This is why I don't tell anyone. No one understands the tool it can have on us.

Am I the only one who stays in their room and just daydreams? I love it. I sit in the car with my headphones and dd when we go places. It a beautiful escape.

My mom now always tell me that I am always in my room and away from my family. When I say how I wish my cousins where here she would say "you never spend time with them anyway" . She guilts me about it a lot now and it gets me upset.

I don't know what to do at times I want to tell her but no. I rather not. I am a bit distant with my family but not that distant I mean I do eat dinner with them.

I have friends but it's hard for me to talk because I get akward. I remember when I was at a school trip and I wanted to tell a group of fiends and new people stuff I couldn't stop blushing I felt myself getting hot..

Dd has made it hard for me to connect with people sometimes. Though a lot of the time I am okay and don't have problems. I just noticed the effects every since my mom guilts me about being distant and always in my room.

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Comment by LeAnn Marcum on January 3, 2013 at 4:20pm

I agree with EludeMyFantasies. We DD because we choose to DD. I chose to DD because I wanted to make my fantasy real. I wanted to figure out a way to make them come true so that I could be like my favorite characters in a tv show. It was a childhood dream of mine I guess. But it turns out that it got out of control and interrupted my functioning in every day life. DDing is just like any other addiction, it's your choice if you want to stop. It's as easy as just not DDing. But you have to take the steps to overcome it because for you, it's hard. Research on how to keep yourself focused on reality and realize that DDing gets you nowhere and is just an escape, but you need to come out of that escape because you've escaped long enough.

Comment by Lex on January 2, 2013 at 7:03pm

I do the same thing - and get the same reactions from my family, and have the same problems with friends. I totally understand.

My dad talks a lot about me never spending time with him and he guilts me so much about it but then does that thing where he says he's 'joking' when he's actually not and is just trying not to make it an incident. And I don't feel like I can tell him because firstly I guard it all so privately and when I try to explain it it gets embarrassing (I told a councillor a while back because I thought it was something everyone did and it was so awkward) and secondly I don't think he'd understand.

Comment by otakugirl on January 1, 2013 at 3:48pm
Yes I wish they could see. They dont know how much of an impact their words can have on us. She guilts me at unnessary times. On New Years it was just me and my siblings and I just mentioned how fun it would be if my cousins were here and she guilts me that I don't talk to them when that isn't even true. Also the fact she makes me feel bad for not spending much time with my dead realities kills me

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