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yeee buddddyyyyyyyyy

yeeee budddyyyy  i went to my cognitive behavioral therapist today (first session). and it turns out that i don't have maladaptive daydreaming and instead that I have an active mind. A really active mind.

I forgot to ask her what the difference between md and an active mind is but i will ask her next time.

anyways she said that i use md as a way to escape boredom and that people with md are always daydreaming. I only daydream when i am bored and doing something…


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I was wondering if I should try ritalin since I've heard people report that when they take it, they can concentrate on homework for hours on end. And these people don't even have ADHD or concentration problems. However, we have concentration problems, so I was thinking of trying to get a prescription. The feeling of always being able to concentrate is a great feeling lol. Anyone here ever try ritalin? If so, how was it? 

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Help for You

Hello people, I have accepted the fact that I will always be a daydreamer. I just need to learn how to control it

more. I was going to go see my doctor again soon to get a new prescription, maybe ask her if I can try Ritalin or

something because even people who don't have ADD use Ritalin and it helps them study. I was also gonna go see a

cognitive behavior therapist even though I've been saying this forever and have never gotten around to calling

her. I talked to…


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Life, I wonder

I have taken time to read a lot of blog posts on this site and read people's stories.

It almost comforts me to know that there are people here that encourage each

other and can relate because we all know what maladaptive daydreaming feels

like. One thing is true, we all daydream because we are missing something in…


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How to Stop Maladaptive Day Dreaming? Part 2

First of all, everyone should read and comment on my first blog. 


My daydreams are mostly about me as the main character and I just have normal conversations with people. People I know or have met. 

In these conversations, I tell the person or people…


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How to Stop Maladaptive Day Dreaming

We all daydream about everything 

But most of us have a main character in the midst of things

I am the main character in my day dreams

I daydream i am popular and have a nice girl 


So if i get a girl and have a few good friends i can trust on, then I will be happy in real life. In fact, I have some good friends, I just need a girl. 

I hate day dreaming 

I want a good reality 

fuck day dreaming, it leads to nothing in…


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