Hello people, I have accepted the fact that I will always be a daydreamer. I just need to learn how to control it

more. I was going to go see my doctor again soon to get a new prescription, maybe ask her if I can try Ritalin or

something because even people who don't have ADD use Ritalin and it helps them study. I was also gonna go see a

cognitive behavior therapist even though I've been saying this forever and have never gotten around to calling

her. I talked to her a few times and she said she knows what maladaptive daydreaming is and can help me control

it better. Anyways, I've been reading these articles online and I feel they've helped me more in life. I just need to

remember to apply these articles to my life and to take ACTION. I just want to introduce you guys this site in

hopes it will help you accomplish your dreams and realize some interesting things about the psychology of our

brains. But remember, just reading these articles will only make you realize things, but you have to apply the

readings to your life and actually go outinto the world and take action. Also please read my older blogs and feel

free to comment, they contain a lot of tips and ways of how you can reduce or maybe even completely stop

daydreaming. But the biggest hypothesis I have right now is that realizing what you want and accomplishing that

goal is the way to be happy (not necessarily stop daydreaming, I think daydreaming is a part of us and maybe only

a few lucky people who have the determination or have the perfect pill prescription can stop daydreaming

forever). Thanks everyone and happy dreaming! :) 


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