I have taken time to read a lot of blog posts on this site and read people's stories.

It almost comforts me to know that there are people here that encourage each

other and can relate because we all know what maladaptive daydreaming feels

like. One thing is true, we all daydream because we are missing something in

the real world. Me, well i'm missing a girl in my life. In fact, you can read all

about my life problems in my other two blogs. I hate maladaptive daydreaming.

It makes me want to kill myself. I need to see a therapist, i know it...it just hurts

so much now. I told my mom about my daydreaming but she can't help a lot.

Maybe a therapist will...I am so numb from smoking weed every day and

watching life go by. It hurts to know that maladaptive daydreaming screwed up

my life. I am 17 now. Sometimes i daydream about all the opportunities that i

watched go by. I work now, play hockey but I want a more social life, especially

on the weekends. I wish I got a job earlier, I wish I played hockey when I was a

kid. But even when I was a kid, md made me a procrastinator. I daydream while

doing everything but I know if I wasn't daydreaming I would be performing

better. I feel so hurt. I feel so empty. I just need to meet more girls and I will be

happy. I just need to get drunk on the weekends. I just need to

concentrate. I just need to get rid of md. I hate md. I hate md. I hate md. I hate

md. I hate md. I hate md. I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!! I can only go forward, no matter how

hard I wish I could go back...I must make the best of the rest of my life. One thing is true,

everyone on this website is depressed. I admit it. I am depressed because I am a

dumb stoner, I was always fucking dumb because of md. Because it made me not

able to concentrate on the moment. I am depressed cause I might not have a

prom date. I am so sad...........................................................................................................So

sad........................I am also so fucked up in the head. I think I will be happy if I

put my dick in some chick................But i would be happy if that

happened.................................................And if i had a girlfriend that I cared about and loved. I know deep inside...........I would be happy. And you know what people.

I don't know you people in real life but I love and care about you because you guys know

what it is like. Mding is like falling forever. Because all you do is contradict

yourself in your head. And you know what people, we all have goals, we all have a

main goal, and we all have something missing and we all daydream because we

want what we dont have and you know what people!!!!!!!!!!!! I made a list of all

the shit I read on this site that helped people stop daydreaming or daydreaming

less and I put it all on this blog! because together, we are going to fucking stop

daydreaming. My plan is to see a therapist! I see my family doctor in 3 days. 

Then I will ask for a reccomendation for a therapist and I will ask for adhd pills because I took

them before and they help me concentrate but I stopped because wack side

effects. (loss of appetite, extreme fatigue at night)

Please people, read my other two blogs, it pretty much explains my life

goals...Fuck it feels so good to get everything out. And when I see a therapist, I

can tell her about my mental disorder called maladaptive daydreaming and

hopefully she can help me. I actually told you guys my thoughts. you guys

probably think I am so fucked up. Truth is, we're all fucked up. I am the most

fucked up my life problem is so fucked up, I destroyed myself with all these daydreams. All i care about is

getting pussy and you people probably think I am fucked up for this. But you

know what, at least I said it. And i never told anyone this because I am scared

that people will think I am fucked up. Not fucked up for liking girls lol but

fucked because its my goal in life right now. And i'm sad because I can't

achieve my goals cause of daydreaming. But you guys dont know me in real life,

you  just know what it feels like; a curse. I love my family, I like my friends, some

more than others. Now just one more thing. Once I accomplish my goal, I will be

able to live life, and even if i daydream, I won't be depressed. I won't feel the need to stay in my bed every morning and daydream for like an hour before

getting up and taking a shower. Starting right now,

I will do my best at everything I do. Tomorrow, when I wake up, I'm going to try

my best to go straight to the shower. I just need a therapist to help me. I need

perseverance. I need your guys help and tips and encouragement. I need love. 

I need my life, happy as can be. 

How to stop maladaptive daydreaming (based on the blogs i've read on this site)


Assorted medications


Concerta - adhd medication (what my doctor prescribed me for md)

Zyprexa –treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder


Vyvanse – treatment for adhd


Fluvoxamine – anti depressant


Serdolect- treatment for schizhophrenia



Private subconscious mind treatment


Wearing something on yourself to remind you to not daydream


Finding that “clear spot” in your head by concentrating on something for a few moments and increasing that time gradually 

How to daydream less 

Avoiding your triggers

Common triggers: listening to music, playing video games, reading certain books, watching television, lying in bed after you wake up, going to certain websites, when trying to problem solve (although this can be useful).

Being around people and socializing 

Getting involved in activities that you enjoy (for me its playing ice hockey and biking) 

Getting involved in activities that you might not enjoy but require concentration (for me its going to the gym)

Being busy, running errands, avoid procrastination, looking at every chance as an opportunity to focus better, having a job is good, try to make a weekly checklist of goals that should be accomplished 

We might not be able to get rid of our md forever so its important to learn how to control it well in our every day lives. Its going to take persistence and effort every single day. 

What I Usually Daydream About 

My daydreams usually rotate around me as the main character. I imagine myself having conversations with people I know in real life. 

Smoking weed makes me daydream more and have more intense daydreams. Sometimes it'll make me realize something.

I daydream about everything though.

Sometimes i daydream about my future, sometimes i daydream about people i see on the bus, sometimes i daydream about society, sometimes i daydream about people and the world and how the world was created and what is our point on this earth, sometimes I daydream about why we can't all just get along, regardless of race and religion. Why do we feel the need of forcing our opinions and ideas into other people? I mean your opinion should be heard and respected and so should everybody's but doesn't mean you have to believe in it. 

My Plan


Take Concerta (ADHD medication my family doctor prescribed me) every day for a month and see how things go

Start seeing a therapist (maybe a cognitive behavior therapist)

At the same time make an effort to talk to everyone

Make an effort to work hard at everything you do

Change your negative thoughts into positive ones

Don’t give a shit about what people think about you

Go to the gym

Do “personal development” to raise your self confidence

Remember that none of your daydreams will ever come true unless you work towards them; tell yourself that whenever you daydream

Look at your daydreams as a goal, but remember you have to work towards that goal, procrastinating won’t do anything 

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Comment by Amid on June 12, 2014 at 11:11pm

I know it's an old post, but could you please tell us which one of these drugs helped you??

I took Ritalin (10 mg) and it helped a lot! (It has much long time Side Effect)

I took Zyprexa. (It just made me to sleep and I was numb all the time)

I took Prcozac for about 1 year (20 mg). (It did nothing)

I took Risperidone (1 mg). (helped me but made so sleepy!!! Maladaptive Sleep!!!!!)


Comment by Amanda Lynne on April 30, 2012 at 5:01pm

I know how you feel. It's frustrating sometimes, but you can't beat yourself up about these things, you didn't ask for this, think of it as a challenge you have to overcome.


I read somewhere that smoking and drinking and all that makes MD a LOT harder to control, not looking down on you or anything, just some advice, MD is an addiction and getting hooked on all that would just make another addiction.


I reccommend you see a therapist, that's what I'm doing, and tell someone who can help you, you might have something causing MD like Inattentive ADD, and there's meds and therapy for that kinda stuff.


Keep trying and don't give yourself a hard time, it's not your fault, and there are people out there who understand and you can talk about this stuff without being judged :-) Good luck! & good advice.

Comment by Jennifer on April 30, 2012 at 1:16pm

You sound like me. I know the feelings you have described in this blog. I know how it feels when everything in life is going wrong, and all you can seem to do is crash and burn. I know what it feels like to just be fed up and done. I know what kind of messed up, freaky things you're thinking when you're low on life. I know what it feels like to want to escape this excuse for a world and subside into daydream land...It's not fun. None of it is. And I just want to let you know that you don't have to see yourself as such a terrible person. Everyone on this website is equal. That's why Ms. Cynthia created this site; so we can work out and talk together about our problems. And I didn't mean to say all of the stuff I said above to make you feel worse or to make you annoyed or upset with me. I hope you aren't...I just wanted you to know you're not alone. We're all here. I'm here, too. I just turned 15, so if you need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to message me. (I thought we're kind of closer in age than most of the people on this site. I could be wrong, though. I also thought we were on the same page, too.)

How do you know those medications work?? Honestly, I felt like my heart stopped beating for a split second when I read the word "Schizophrenia" next to the medicines you listed...I am so afraid of people thinking I'm crazy.

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