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I am better

I am better then I was. I changed my diet. Gave up sugar and high carb foods. Added in good fats, coconut oil, olive oil, butter. My mind works better now. Less anxiety and depression. I am better able to stop the dreams. 

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solitude is addicting. Once you see how peaceful it is you don't want to be around people anymore.

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the unknown person

anyone ever have a character in your DD that you didn't create? that you don't know from some movie, book or life? a mystery person. I have, from the beginning. I think if I could just figure out where this person came from, I might get to the bottom of why I DD. I can't remember the first time he appeared in a DD. If I could, I think it could answer some questions. I thought about hypnosis but I am afraid of that. How to make myself remember.

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sleeping my life away

 I seem to be sleepy all the time. I just want to lay down. It is the only time my brain shuts up. Sleep. A rest from the mental clutter I’ve had lately. Like an introvert in a crowd of talking people. My mind gets so noisy I just want to scream “shut up!” How to find a quiet place.

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Blurring the lines

fog1 The line between reality and something else. I can tell when my illness is getting worse. Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder is an illness, not an excuse to waste your life fantasizing about what you will never have the will to try. But to me it is most diffidently an illness. Does the depression come from the worsening MDD or does it cause the depression? I don’t know. But when you walk outside and the…


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been away for a while now I can't reply?

I haven't posted anything for a while, today I tried to post a reply and it says my message will have to be approved. Does inactivity put you on probation?

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Subliminal mind control therapy

My latest attempt at a cure or treatment is mind control. Heard a man talking about it on the radio show Coast to Coast AM. I ordered one of the programs called Serenity. It has shadowed subliminal messages or affirmations in with oceans sounds. You can choose nature sounds or music. The sound of waves is soothing to me anyway. The company is called InnerTalk, I liked them because they provide a list of all the messages in the recording, so you don't wonder what they are really telling you…


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The hell of melacholy

My friend wrote this, he is a minister who suffers from depression.

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Working, a peek at what I do all day.

About a minute of what I do at work all day. So you can see why it is so hard not to daydream.

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I’m sorry I haven’t posted or done a radio show, or youtube video for weeks. I am not functioning well right now. I’m in one of those phases where I am so desperate for an answer, for help, for escape from this curse in my mind. That I get depressed and hopeless. Unable to do little more then put one foot in front of the other…


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Strange DD

Been daydreaming about being put in a mental hospital. I was so happy to go. I felt like I could finally rest, be safe. Very strange.

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Maladaptive Daydreaming- Prison or Escape

youtube link :

Blog post :

What is it to you? Many express it as an escape from reality,…


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April, a cursed month?

What is it about the third week of April and some kind of tragedy? 
April 19th 1993 - Waco siege
April 19th 1995 - Oklahoma City bombing
April 20th 1999 - Columbine Massacre
April 16th 2007 - Virginia Tech massacre
April 15th 2013 - Boston Marathon bombing
Even if you go back further,the Titanic sank on April 15th 1912 and Lincoln was assassinated on April 14th 1865.

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Hyper-empathetic daydreams

Hyper-empathetic people feel what they see happen to others. This may explain my negative daydreams. I have noticed if I look at the story line or theme of them, I can usually go back to a news story or book or something invovling the mistreatment of women that lines up with it. I try to avoid these news stories but they are everywhere. People post photos of battered women on facebook, stories in national geo about forced marriages, rapes, women losing rights all over the world.…


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portraits of people daydreaming- interesting

Smile-Inducing Portraits of People Lost In Daydreams and Happy Thoughts

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Councilor suggested seeing a hypnotist

Anyone ever do that? He said it may help to "tell" the subconcious to not be so intrusive.

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Is this their reality? a post I shared on my MD radio blog

A little off topic in a way. I was looking thru the latest "W" magazine, I do this for research on trends and such for work. And I was overwhelmed at the utter lack of reality. As someone with Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder I have my own issues with reality but it seems this delusion IS their reality. Looking at the super thin models striking strange poses in bizarre outfits that you most likely couldn't walk in, and the photos of the designers hanging out with celebrities at parties. I…


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going to try therapy again

I have an appointment monday with a different councilor/therapist. I'm not sure if I should bring up MD or just describe my symptoms. I am trying to concentrate on what I want to achieve. I want more control of my thoughts, less depression, more real emotions. I guess I'm asking allot. I just hope he takes me seriously. The last one totally dismissed everything I told her about the MD symptoms.

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The words of this song hit a cord with me.

The Slot



In this faded dream,

Can you hear me when I scream?

To you... ,

Have they been in vain?

I am still the same,

All my fear endured my pain,

Explain what remains,

Staring back,

Empty mirrors only fill my eyes,

Nothing's left to recognise,

So I tell myself that I'm alive,

I still hear you,

Tock tick tock,

Time has frozen here,…


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Making your fantasy your reality

I watched a show where someone did just that. It was a show called "paul merton in europe" He visited a man who moved from NY to Ireland. He said that he had seen movies and old photos of the twenties and felt he had been cheated out of a good life. So he decided to create that life. His house was decorated in the twenties style, no modern kitchen. Every thing as it would be in the twenties. He dressed in that style, making or altering clothes to fit that era. It…


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