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anyone ever have a character in your DD that you didn't create? that you don't know from some movie, book or life? a mystery person. I have, from the beginning. I think if I could just figure out where this person came from, I might get to the bottom of why I DD. I can't remember the first time he appeared in a DD. If I could, I think it could answer some questions. I thought about hypnosis but I am afraid of that. How to make myself remember.

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Comment by Givera Givera on July 24, 2015 at 9:27pm

Not a separate character but in many different kinds of MDs, the main guy ,who is supposed to be me or part-me, often has traits and characteristics that I don't know the reason for. Sometimes some of the features are completely opposite of what I desire to be like. I guess my subconscious has different wishes.

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