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Self Care

Sometimes I daydream so much that I forget to do self-care. Taking meds, multi vitamin, turmeric. I read somewhere that the same areas where people developed Alzheimers is the same area where people daydream. It freaked me out so I started taking turmeric. India has one of the lowest rates of Alzheimers- it is thought turmeric in the Indian food may reduce inflammation. Flossed my teeth. good toothbrush cleaning. Trying to get back to reality. Clawing my way back out of the quicksand of MD.

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Going back

I had quite a binge on MD this weekend. My heads hurts. Going to read a book now on “Gifted Education.” My son is gifted - trying to get out of the MD mode and into the real life mode. One moment at a time. one day at a time. Going back to reality.

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I have started MDD again. Feeling guilty about it. Recognizing it is just part of recovery. I think tomorrow if I have the urge to daydream I I’ll read a book

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Maladaptive Daydreaming and Cluttered House

 I am finding that when I go on a MD binge that I don't take care of the house like I should. Dishes pile up. Piles of dirty clothes. Not picking up after myself.  Then, I come off my binge and then try to detox my house. 

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Day 3- How Much Is Too Much?

For anyone, trying to stop MDing or curb it...  the question we ask ourselves is when does DDing  turn into MD.  How much is too much? Should I not DD at all because it could lead to MD?   Can I still DD but try to put limits on it?  Am I capable of putting limits on it or does it become a slippery slope? Should I just avoid my favorite MD scenarios that lead to bingeing where I daydream for hours on end? How do I manage this?   

 Dr. Eli Somér who first proposed the phrase,…


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Day Two- Creative Urges

I haven't really had any major withdrawals from MD, yet.  I noticed that I am having creative urges. For example, I was walking my son to daycare and I looked intently at a tree and the grooves in its bark - they looked like wrinkles - I wanted to take out a pad and just draw every indentation, curve, valley, peak, shading of the bark of the tree.  I have never taken an art or drawing class.  I think I may just do that one day- just sit by a tree and draw it. Maybe take a drawing class.

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Day One

I thought I would experiment for the next thirty days and do my best to not MD. Today, there was no MD.  It was difficult as I was walking around the park with my son in his stroller and I wanted to daydream.  Instead, I felt the hot scorching sun on my face and watched other parents with their kids. My son is only 22 months but he always wants to try  the playground equipment that is really for older kids. Really admire his adventurous spirit and his confidence.   I normally now would turn…


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I am coming off of a daydream binge. I had a fight with my husband the other day and it sent me into a binge. Sometimes he can say some real hurtful things. I am trying to come out if the binge. MD can be like a black hole that keeps sucking me in. I feel safe in the black hole. I can easily go to MD and feel better and comforted.

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Making DD Productive

I am not sure if I will be able to get rid of MD completely but I hope to try to manage it.  One thing, I have been doing is DDing while exercising.  I DD with music while I am exercising on the elliptical. I end up staying on the elliptical longer as I don't want to stop DD. lol   This way I have been getting my DD fix but I am also getting healthy.

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Improving My Batting Average

I guess someone from the outside looking in would not think MD has affected my life.   I am an attorney at a Fortune 500 Company. In addition to my JD,  I have two master degrees.  I have been married for 17 years and have a son.  BUT MD has affected my life.  I think I could have more friends than I do now if I wasn't devoting my extra time to DD.  Although I did keep in touch with my mom over the years, I should have called more - but she is dead now from ovarian cancer.  I also would keep…


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DD when you should be sleeping

I have daydreamed when I should be sleeping. Sometimes I dd the whole night. Unbelievable. Then, I am tired the next day. Sometimes which is often, I wake up and want to start dd. I choose tonight to get some sleep and when I wake up tomorrow I want the first thing that I want to do is to hug my son.

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A decision to make

My son is asleep. My husband is cooking dinner. I could daydream right now. I think daydreaming protects me from taking risks in my life. It easier to daydream that you are a writer than to try to actually be one. It is easier to daydream that you are in the throes of deep romantic love than create it in real life. In my day dream world I can control if I get rejected, not in the real world. My decision is to not daydream right now. It is a small triumph that could lead to others small… Continue

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Celebrity Images Trigger; The Ups and Downs of an MD life.

In the morning when I woke up I started DD.  I wish I could enjoy the time with my son and not DD.   I also surfed the Internet looking at the lives of certain celebrities which is also a trigger for my MD.  Any time I am walking (normally with music but can be without) I also DD.  One day I think I daydreamed so much that I had a headache.  There is cycle-  DD, Guilt, DD, Guilt.  I sometimes beat myself up as to why I can't stop this MD.  Otherdays, I say to myself it is a condition you are…


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Use of MD to Mask Pain: Thoughts?

I would be interested to know if others use maladaptive daydreaming to mask the pain they feel in real life.  I don't think I will ever get over this addiction until I get to the source of the pain and heal from it.  Below are the pains that I feel:

1. Pain of inadequacy.  I had a step-father who was very critical of me when I was growing up.  I have not felt that I am good enough.  In my DDs, I am an idealized version of myself where I am more than adequate and I am…


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Colorado Movie Theater Massacre- Sunday, July 22 as a Day of Remembrance

In memory of those who lost their lives (12 died) and the 59 injured at the Colorado movie theater and their families and loves ones, I encourage fellow malaptive daydreamers to consider abstaining from maladaptive day dreaming this Sunday. 

I feel powerless as I hear about this tragedy in the news.  It is a reminder to all of us that one minute you can be alive and another minute you are dead.  Life is such a gift and so precious.  Those who lost their lives in this tragedy will not…


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