So this started 4 weeks ago from when I'm writing this... I've noticed that my overwhelming desire to be like my 4 alter egos has manifested almost like voices in my head. Not like schizophrenic because they are my thoughts, but portrayed as my alter egos, insulting me and pushing me down. These thoughts won't go away. Now I don't just have my alter egos in my fantasy world, but they are always there, following me in reality, whatever little time I spend there anyways.

Basically my purpose for writing this is I'm wondering if anyone knows whats happening to me, or have gone through anything similar. I know this isn't schizophrenia because I'm not at the right age for it to manifest, I guess it's my thoughts deep down that I've pushed back for too long finally coming to light. Please help me if you can. Thank you for reading.

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Have you recently come across an overwhelmingly stressful situation that has forced radical changes in your lifestyle in a relatively short time and has persisted to date?

surprisingly no. Well I did move but it's just a different house in the same city, but that was months ago and I don't have any resentful feelings about it. I noticed it when I came back from a church camp. which nothing bad happened in. My life seems fine. That's why I'm so stumped.

Well that seems odd to me. It basically means that your daydreams have suddenly turned actively against you... without provocation? I mean, it just doesn't make any sense whatsoever, no wonder you're puzzled about it.

Personally I think something's not right, although I'm in the dark here. What about the hostility itself? Did your alter egos "revolt" all of a sudden or had your daydreams been hinting at it for a while beforehand? By hinting I mean things like slow but steady shifts to darker and unpleasant themes, an increase in negative references to actual you, a tendency of daydreams to frequently spiral into the same demeaning message more or less against your will... hope you get what I'm saying.

I haven't experienced the exact same thing but I have been for many years now holding a strong desire to be the more idealized versions of myself that I daydream about.  This problem usually diminishes for me the more I can get involved in real life around me, such as interacting with more people and developing a sense of purpose for my time and energy. I would recommend possibly trying out a new outside activity if possible such as volunteering in a local area or learning a new skill. From my experience, those activities have brought a great centering in my life that has really diminished my tendency to daydream. 

Thank you for your advice! I appreciate it!


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