Are you able to share the contents of your daydreams?

When I used to have theraphy years ago my therapist tried hard and pushed me a little to spill the contents of my daydreams. But I never could. 

I felt a strange mixture of discomfirt and resistance for no reason at all. I couldn't share my daydreams with anybody close to me too when they asked me out of concern. There is always some resistance which I'm unable to understand what it actually is.  

Do others feel this? Are you able to share the contents of your daydreams with people you know comfirtably? 

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When I tried to tell my therapist about MD, I only shared the general ideas of my daydreams, keeping it as vague as possible. I was too embarrassed to go into details. She wasn't taking it seriously anyway, so she didn't push me.

That being said, I really believe opening up about it might be helpful. If not to a therapist, then to somebody you trust or to members of the forum.

Same! I remember being vague too. Or I kept saying things like "it's just normal things I usually talk to people with in reality."  

I wrote my most frequest fantisies today. It felt strange putting it out even in written form. In my head these fantasies seem so much logical and well planned. When I read it I realised how foolish they are. The feelings are so real, but the contents are just narsissistic self admiration. 

Suprisingly, the frequency of these fantasies was very less today. This has made me more curious to speak to somebody about the contents of my fantasy. I don't care if they take it seriously or no. I just want to let it all out.


This is what happens to me most of the time. I am not able to write my feelings, experiences and day dreams on the paper. It gives me certain type of discomfort. Like as if, writing it down will make these things concrete and real. I am still trying to understand myself. I still don't understand my behaviour completely.

I absoultely cannot! It's strange because I can talk about most things, including things that are objectively way more embarrassing or personal, but I can't. My therapist has sometimes tried to get me to tell her content but like others have said, I can maybe outline common themes and that's it. Even that feels so wrong disclosing. It's a weird barrier.

I guess it depends on the therapist. Some of them have this knack of making people feel comfortable and open up to them.

I did not tell everything in detail, but I did sit down there and analyze my Md with my therapist. They asked what are the things that I mainly daydream about. I came up with three main things. They called these the 3 'themes' of my Md. One of them was me wanting to go into the past and change everything that I messed up. I did not tell them every specific thing that went wrong or how I changed it in my daydreams, but they got the basic idea ( that some of the daydreams are related to my regrets). Same goes for the other two. And that was enough for the treatment.

It is the most private thing. It is very indelicate to ask anyone to share the content of their MD.

But the therapist may not know how we feel about it, so it's understandable.

I have told a little bit of it to only one trusted person, my boyfriend, even if I speak openly in public about MD in general.

You had all the reasons to feel discomfort and resistance.

I find it very much easier to talk about sex than the content of my MD.

Well, as NSFW as it is to say it, sex is also one of the contents of my MD. The whole package of romance, intimacy, actually. I can't say it to other girls because they get repelled by it and it would kill my chances of asking them out. I've told my best friend that I suffer from MD, but not the contents, since even he'd cringe at them.

In India, both sex and mental health are very taboo topics to discuss. Our country can do better in that regard.

Oh no way!  No one knows I have MD and I couldn't even begin to spill my dream content to someone I knew.  I guess I fear the inevitable comparison of me in my world and the real me.  Plus I'm with Kiruba's comment, a lot of my dreams are romantically driven which would freak me out if I told someone face to face, let alone them.

I think the reason why I'm so uncomfortable sharing the content of my daydreams is because they reveal something very personal about me, which I myself don't understand. 

Great novelists who write about taboo feelings or elicit taboo judgments reveal something very personal about themselves. But they do that consciously. It's not such a vulnerable thing, because they know what they're revealing about themselves, and can therefore control of the process of letting you understand.  

Whereas I don't understand what my daydreams reveal about myself, and so I'm afraid they'll reveal something about me that I don't want people to know.

Very interesting point. And you could be correct in a way. My daydreams make so much sense in my head but in reality I don't know what I want. That still does not explain the immense resistance for sharing them.

My take is novelist (or anyone who can express their feelings) are open and vulnerable enough to share their thoughts and feelings without fear and resistance. Maybe I'm insecure. Maybe I'm the one trying hard to control what to share. While novelist don't fear losing control and letting go.  

There's no rule which says I need to understand my feelings before sharing it. Perhaps we all need to be more open and take a leap. 

I have a bad habit of oversharing sometimes so it can slip ;-; I have received strange stares bc of it. 2 hours later, I smack my head in exasperation bc I spilled the murky delusions and continue to daydream of not ever saying what I said.

no i never have i think because i know they are not experiencing the same thing and what will they think? i think what keeps anyone from sharing anything is the worry about that person not understanding i hope there is more therapists in the future who understand MD and just people in general who do


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