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My disorder behind MD.

 I finally realized that my MD is about being a hero and rescuing others in their time of need. But my MD wasn't the cause of it, it was a reflection. In my daydreams, I rescued the one I admired from her boyfriend who broke her heart. In reality, I lived through her problems and was constantly worried about trying to 'fix' her and be her hero like I did in my dreams. I now discovered that I have Co-dependency. In my dreams I COULD be a hero, and be admired for it and be shown gratitude. But…


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MD is a choice.

Be careful what you think, for your thoughts become your words.

Be careful what you say, for your words become your actions.

Be careful what you do, for your actions become your habits.

Be careful what becomes habitual, for your habits become your destiny.

 Thanks to EludeMyFantasies, I have finally realized what I've been searching for. MD is a choice just like any other habit. It's just a very thick mist…


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True believer (and how my MD stopped)

 When I was in 8th grade, I had a dream that I wanted to write a book about an adventure that really happened to me. I wanted to awe people and make them say "Wow! This was real? I thought it was fiction!"  So in order to do that, I chose people from the real world (my classmates) and started to plan my story and how it would go. I truly believed it was going to somehow come true. I dreamed of my buddies (my classmates who I never even talked to) and I were going to join up as a group when I…


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When you are DDing do you think it will someday come true?

 When I had my biggest episode of MD for a year and a half, I sunk so deep in it that I actually started to believe it was going to come true. I thought I was crazy.

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What are your new year resolutions?

 A good way to become more in control of your MD is to set goals for yourself to think about and help you stay more focused on reality. Have you made any?

 Mine are:

 1) Start exercising

 2) Start writing a book (about my MD)

 3) Spend more time with family

 4) Get first job

 5) Be the best girlfriend I can be :-)

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Planning on writing a book about my MD experience and need support!

 I've been thinking about writing a book about my MD experience to inspire others with the disorder, the obsession, the anxiety, and letting it consume my life to the point of my doctor recommending to my mom to send me to the behavioral health center. It really screwed me up.

 Now the idea of writing about it keeps popping back into my head, but I keep retreating back to the reality I live in now, for the fear of letting it take over me again. Much support is appreciated.…


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Can MD also be related to Limerence?

Limerence is when you become so obsessed with somebody that you start to constantly fantasize about them, like saving them from a crisis and being a hero; or at least in my experience. So can MD be related to that?

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Has any of your DD characters ever been of a real person?

 I used to DD about a girl who I admired and it made me become obsessed with her. Has this happened to anyone else?

Added by LeAnn Marcum on December 15, 2012 at 6:42am — 5 Comments

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