When you are DDing do you think it will someday come true?

 When I had my biggest episode of MD for a year and a half, I sunk so deep in it that I actually started to believe it was going to come true. I thought I was crazy.

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Comment by taffle on January 2, 2013 at 7:44am

No, I don't believe my daydreams will come true nor do I want them to. Daydreaming can be comparable to reading my favorite novel or watching my favorite movie. I want to separate fiction from reality.

Comment by Eretaia on January 1, 2013 at 12:15pm

Ah, happened to me as well. I would often end up believing in daydreams that I had subconsciously made up. I was always waiting for something to happen even though my dreams were quite unrealistic to begin with. And I never questioned the logic (or lack of thereof) behind it all, even though I was proclaiming myself to be an analytical person. Then out of the blue I suffered an episode of severe depression which actually made me open my eyes and I finally saw things how they really were.

But hey, this is how obsessions and addict's denial work, especially when they are so egocentric and severed from the rest of the world and objective questioning. Each obsession requires you to be a little bit blind and oblivious to the truth. Otherwise it crumbles and sends you off into depression and real world which is exactly what your subconscious desperately tries to prevent.

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