True believer (and how my MD stopped)

 When I was in 8th grade, I had a dream that I wanted to write a book about an adventure that really happened to me. I wanted to awe people and make them say "Wow! This was real? I thought it was fiction!"  So in order to do that, I chose people from the real world (my classmates) and started to plan my story and how it would go. I truly believed it was going to somehow come true. I dreamed of my buddies (my classmates who I never even talked to) and I were going to join up as a group when I turned 15, and we would fight battles together like in the anime where I got my story idea from. I created an idealized form of myself, black hair, wearing black pants and a white button up shirt. And my weapon was a sword. Only when my dreams began to decease when we graduated and we went to high school, when me and the people who were in my fantasies were split up. I then accepted that it wasn't going to go the way I had planned. But I suffered mentally and emotionally afterwards, now having anxiety and depression, and was trying to adapt to the real world.

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