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Normal Amounts of Daydreaming

I've seen interesting reactions to the self-diagnosis of Maladaptive Daydreaming.

Not that you need to be a doctor to  figure it out, more or less our lives are usually not THAT crappy

and we turn to an inner world because it's at the very least, slightly better. Why wouldn't it be? 

"Imagination rules the world." 

Mr. Lyda mentioned it being like a constantly widening river of information, but the river is completely imaginary. Real to us, because it's part of…


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02. Suspension and Static

There's a nice little job lined up for me at my Dad's company.

It's by no means dead-end. I could end up physically crafting the hulls of space ships

The attractive-sounding secretary (Hiring person... HR girl, whatever) sent another email.

"You haven't sent us your application yet. If you don't want the Job be sure to tell me now"…


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05. Today I sing


my ego ebbs and flows,

leaps and rebounds

crashes and resurfaces.


It's really fun to forget about how you (I) can't do it as well as others and just sing for the joy of it. I really really like this song, and in singing it you'll get close to it in a way you can't by just listening. You steal more of it into your soul, I…


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01. Declaration of Shamelessness

I decided I like putting numbers in the front of titles. It satiates my usually very ornery and conflicting senses of OCD and HDAD. So yes, I stole it from Julia La Vey. She seems like a classy broad so I don't think she'd mind.


I write a lot, yet I want all of it to be organized and have meaning. I don't want to go up my own ass in meaning. Take myself too seriously. I don't take anything seriously.


Unless I'm trapped.

Have you ever been…


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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a real nifty thing for the daydream-inclined. Instead of creating a completely separate and detached world, you try to fill in the boring parts of the one you're in. Synesthesia is an effective and sometimes involuntary method of doing this ~ imagining shapes, lights and synchronized movements to music. Or, making up songs out of the normal and very Monday events happening around you.


I like to think of it like layers in Photoshop, you can play with masks…


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Save Point!

I started writing a linear story, and I'm on page 11.

That is by far, the most I've ever spent on one single idea. When I gave myself the limitation of having to think in a linear fashion, my brain found amusing ways to get around it. Switching to other characters, dimensions, to myself. Eventually I will turn my MD into productive thought. I guess you can technically say I will stop having "maladaptive" day dreaming but.


I'm still going to be miles away in situations.…


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Yeah, it's really, really hard to pay attention.

Well not really.

I do feel like I'm permanently parenting my persona.

"I don't wanna write, I wanna go on facebook!"

"You hate facebook. You feel horribly alone and bored after 20 minutes on it!"



I want my life to be a solid state of meaning

off of my butt to get past just scheming

demeaning my efforts as I try to glide

on the jet streams and currents up in…


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Synchronicity/The middle of Image Three

When trying to be social with MD, it's easy to imagine a chess game you constantly lose at. If I say this, they'll think/say that.  There's no point in saying this, it's too obvious/useless.  To further the analogy, I have a horrible time beginning the game ; there's just too many damn possibilities, none of which lead to an obvious place.  If I can make it past the awkward start, I have a pretty good time with less pieces on the board.  Strategies become more…


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Press Start

I'd spend hours at school with my head down. Not really sleeping, so much as I was thinking about anything and everything else. It's no wonder I didn't really develop socially until I got involved in Drama ~ people who daydream but live it out on stage. I still wasn't exactly in my element ~ I'm still not quite there now. But I feel like the world(s) I make in my mind are just starting to cross over into reality, it's pretty exciting. I'm not sure what role finding Wild Minds will play, but I'd… Continue

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