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Yeah, it's really, really hard to pay attention.

Well not really.

I do feel like I'm permanently parenting my persona.

"I don't wanna write, I wanna go on facebook!"

"You hate facebook. You feel horribly alone and bored after 20 minutes on it!"



I want my life to be a solid state of meaning

off of my butt to get past just scheming

demeaning my efforts as I try to glide

on the jet streams and currents up in sound-sky


My only hope is to develop patience and focus. I have a ruthless self-editor, but that can become a source of strength if I learn to streamlines the mediation process abit. (Mind to paper)


Paper is a state of being, it's somewhere between dream and reality. I want to make my writing mean more, to more people. I'm aware I personally judge others attempts at poetry and writing fairly harshly. (in my head) Most of that stemming from the small praises and approvals they get from friends I wish I had. (That is, people I havn't tried hard enough to be social with)



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Comment by Delorean Jones on June 10, 2011 at 2:33pm
And you have a wonderful way of complimenting! Thank you!
Comment by Tila on June 9, 2011 at 3:13pm

I love the poem, thank you for writing it! I identify with everything in. And you made it rhyme successfully without sacrificing content.

You have a peculiar and wonderful way of expressing yourself in words.


And yeah, patience and focus is also what I need to master in order to save my own ass. :)

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