I've seen interesting reactions to the self-diagnosis of Maladaptive Daydreaming.

Not that you need to be a doctor to  figure it out, more or less our lives are usually not THAT crappy

and we turn to an inner world because it's at the very least, slightly better. Why wouldn't it be? 

"Imagination rules the world." 

Mr. Lyda mentioned it being like a constantly widening river of information, but the river is completely imaginary. Real to us, because it's part of how our brain works but of  spectacularly  small sizes. My feelings to this river are this simple; "If I made this, I can control this" 

Daydreaming has definitely gotten a bit of a "lazy" stigma in recent times, because there are so many lazy kids who do nothing but think.

There's other words for  adaptive daydreaming:




and here's a big one:  Perceiving


*begins to recant*

But! Any time spent here talking about what we want to do is usually time spent not doing it.




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