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Sometimes I hate my characters. And myself, too.

Sometimes I get so tired.

Right now I'm so tired that I got on here. And I'm making a blog post. I haven't been on here for a year or two, I think. But I just am so tired.

I have an F in math right now and if I fail a class I get kicked out of my school. If I get kicked out of my school, I have to go to private school. Private school is full of those kinds of guys and girls that make me nervous. Though a lot of people make me nervous.

But after checking my… Continue

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Do your characters look like you (at all)?

I have only 'created' two characters. The others are real people. But the two characters I created are twins who, I'm beginning to realize, look similar to me. Their hair color is different. Their face is thinner. They look much older (they're 25; I'm 15). They're a million times prettier. But their skin color is like mine. Their eyes are the same color as mine. The shape of their nose and mouth are like mine. Do your characters look like you? Did you mean for them to or did it just happen that… Continue

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I can't figure out why I started doing this?

I remember being in elementary school and imagining characters from Full House in my classroom with me, or imagining I had a twin sister. That was when I was just in the first or second grade. And I also remember doing it at home and laughing and talking to myself. But a lot of people say it's a coping mechanism. I didn't have a bad home life as a child. In fact, I don't really have a bad home life now. I've always had friends, and a place to sit at lunch time... But I'm extremely… Continue

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I want to change my characters, but I've become attached. Help?

I used to go on here a lot more, but now I've sort of stopped... And everything keeps getting worse and worse and worse. It's getting to the point where I'd rather just die than have this awful, stupid thing. And it wouldn't be so bad... If I could just quit daydreaming about these two REAL people. Because you can't control real people. Over 2 years ago, the two YouTubers Toby Turner and iJustine broke up (IDK if y'all know them... If you do, you might think this is funny or creepy or weird)...… Continue

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I don't think it's possible for me to stop.

But honestly: I haven't tried. I guess I just don't want to. I've thought about it, but I can't imagine living without daydreaming constantly. It's just something I have to do. I can't be happy without it. At least it feels that way. But at the same time, daydreaming has caused me more pain than anything else in the world. And it's all because of that stupid day when I watched the video that changed my fantasy world forever. I DD about real people. But they've been broken up in the real world… Continue

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It's never going to get better.

Hi. So I haven't been on here in a long time. I've met one of my characters since then! It didn't actually do much for me... I just fangirled and left,

But I can't do it anymore. All this, everything about this stupid thing. I can't do it. It's never going to end and I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. I believe in God, (it's fine if you don't, I just want to share something) but I don't understand why He did this to me. My girl character has a boyfriend that she's been… Continue

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Will Therapy Help?

I've finally asked my mother to go to therapy. She's gonna make an appointment, and I feel pretty good about it. I've just finally had enough. I can't do this anymore, and I have to get over this, or at least not be so attached to my characters to the point I break down crying when I see iJustine with Fwiz (fwiz is his Youtube name, and he's NOT my character, I DD about Justine with her now-ex, Toby and them not being together kills me). I seriously cannot handle it. So, has anyone gone, and… Continue

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Ever have this happen in school?

In school, have you ever been daydreaming, then a teacher says,"What are you doing, daydreaming? Pay attention!" Or something like that? Whenever that happens, I just feel so... Weird. I know they don't know about MD, and I keep thinking: They don't know that I cannot help myself. They see kids not paying attention all day, so when I do it, it's like it's no different. But, it is. When I get called out on it, I look around, hoping no one would think anything of it either. Does that happen to… Continue

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I wish no one else knew him.

So, my MC was just on TV. I knew I had this weird feeling before I turned to the station, but I couldn't understand why. He's on the "Hall Of Games Awards" on cartoon network, and when they showed him, I just started CRYING. Not a little, like I mean sobbing hysterically... I think I may know why. I wish he wasn't real. I know it sounds weird, but a lot of you have characters that are just yours and... I'm jealous. No one else knows them. No one else can feel them, connect with them the way you… Continue

Added by Grace on February 11, 2013 at 4:27pm — 4 Comments

Writing out daydreams- feeling comforted?

I love the way it feels to write out daydreams. I love writing in general, but it just feels so great to write out my daydreams... I don't do it often, fearing someone will find them, or walk in on me writing. I don't like people reading my stories anyway, but my DD's? No way... so if I write them, I crumple it up and throw the papers away. But when I write them, it's my way of bringing them into reality in some way. When I read stories/books, I picture them in my mind and they feel…


Added by Grace on January 27, 2013 at 6:34am — 3 Comments

Can you love someone you don't know?

So, i've seen the discussion asking if anyone has been in love with their DD character, and many people said they have. I'm wondering though, if it's possible to be in love with someone you have never met. I DD of real people, but I do not know them. I know how i imagine them to be, though, and i think i may love THAT person. So is it possible, in your opinion? I mean, don't we all love our characters? How can you not love someone who consumes your every thought? And if we love them, why can we… Continue

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Did you think you were crazy?

I used to not think much of this. Especially when I was younger. I never wondered if others did it, i didn't really

care. I did it and I liked it. It wasn't a big deal until I found out talking to yourself meant you have to be crazy. Then I started thinking,"Wait... Do I talk to myself?" And realized that, yes, I kind of do. Then I started noticing things I did that no one else did. I honestly thought I was crazy. I really tried to ignore that thought though.

Then I found this.… Continue

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Don't want to live. Don't want to die.

I hate time. I hate how fast it passes. 2013 already? Its insane... I feel like its not enough. I feel like why should I try? Time passes too fast and it seems like it just doesn't matter. What can we get out of this life, if its so short? I don't want to be an adult. Ever. I don't want to live, but I don't want to die. I want time to stop forever. Actually, I'm not sure what I want. Maybe I just want to go to sleep. Forever. Not like dying, but just being in dreamland forever.

I… Continue

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Do we believe these worlds are real?

So, most people with MD know whats reality and whats just a daydream, but so many of us get so attached to these characters, or to these worlds, and how can we get so attached to something we KNOW isn't real? I think that, maybe, somewhere deep down, we believe that this world exists in a way even if we don't know it. Has anyone ever felt like it's there somehow? And I'm not saying I believe we think of it as reality, but just that maybe we imagine, or hope, that it is somewhat real, somewhere.… Continue

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Does anyone worry about bad DD's coming true?

I don't normally daydream negatively, but if i ever do, i feel bad about it... Like they'll come true. I don't want them to, and I don't even know why I do it, but I can't help it. Has any bad DD come true? Do you think, if it did, it would be our fault?

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I'm going to meet my main character.

So, for Christmas i got tickets to this thing in March, where both my characters will be, because they're real people, and as I've mentioned before, I have DD'ed about the same two people for 2 years and cant stop. Now, I am excited I can finally meet them, but im afraid. Im scared they wont be the people I want them to be or something... I dont know. I mean, i guess its just like meeting a celebrity for "other people". Im just freaked out... Anyway. Merry Christmas (or whatever) :)

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Possible obsession with DD character?

I used to daydream about other people, but they've always been real people, who i don't know, which i have mentioned before... But Up to 2 years ago I could stop and change my characters. Now, I can't. It's always about this one guy. Normally him and a certain girl, but sometimes, its only about him. So, basically every DD I have ever had since 2 years ago revolves around him. I care so much about him, but I don't even know what he's really like! I was just wondering if anyone else may have… Continue

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Can MD lead to depression?

Is it possible? I was thinking, that maybe since we spend so much time daydreaming, do you think when we actually have to face the real world, could we become depressed as we realize what a scary world this actually is?

Added by Grace on December 8, 2012 at 3:20pm — 3 Comments

Real people turning into DD characters?

I've never been good at coming up with my own characters... When I was little, I incorporated TV shows I watched in my DD's. I DD about the same two people though, for a long time now. The thing is, they're real people. I started to use them about 2 years ago. I have never met them... They're youtubers. They were dating when i started, but they broke up only a few months after. I still only DD of them. I see them with others and I just feel... Heartbroken because they're not getting back… Continue

Added by Grace on December 8, 2012 at 12:42pm — 3 Comments

Do you mouth words or speak out loud?

I have read that many people do this. When I'm alone I always sort of whisper what my characters are saying. So, I'm just curious... How many of you do this?

Added by Grace on November 29, 2012 at 3:09pm — 15 Comments

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