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do you ever feel like

were our or species of people or something. ive talked to so many people with md this past week about daydreaming and stuff like that and it felt so normal and right.

i couldn't have a conversation like that with anyone else. and we all come on this site and talk about daydreaming and idk i feel like were super heros or something with a special power idk

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character outfits

outfits i made on polyvore i thought i'd share. i think they capture their style and personality nicely. these characters are dating so thats why i put them together.

     this is their prom outfits…


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ok seriously, someone let me vent my daydream to them and lets talk about it. i constantly think about my opinions on characters and stuff like that and i imagine if like ellen was asking me questions about my characters and i realize i cant have a conversation with anyone except myself about it. i want someone whos actually interested to listen to it and talk about it and tell me their opinions on it and tell me which characters they like and dont like and ask me what the characters like…


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i havent been on in a while, so im just going to blog about a thought i had in the car today. I was thinking about characters who i based their appearance off of. they look like the celebrity, but they have their own apperance in a know?

like, theres twins at my school. theyre identical twins but they say "we dont think we look alike at all"

thats kind of what my characters are like. they look like the celebrity but i personally think they look different. its…


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