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Why I stopped

I used to think MD was cool. Kind of like when someone smokes. I was a young kid, and didn't know what harm MD can actually do. I did believe that MD was assuring me that life will get better and adventurous, at that. So I looked forward to experiencing an amazing life. What I didn't realize is that MD was lying to me the whole time. It didn't promise anything of the sort. It was just a sequence of entertaining stories in my head that kept me going. I have noticed while I was doing…


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I preferred my dreams

Ever since I was so young, I preferred my fantasies over real individuals and events. I took the way life looked for granted. I hoped to someday meet my ideal boyfriend. Thing is, the kind of friends I sought could never be ideal or perfect. For the past twenty years, I'd stare at a wall or the floor and imaging an ideal life and relationship. Then important matters would pop up, and I'd snap my face awake and realize I'm making it all up. If I took action and made things happen. Not…


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