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Have you ever been made fun of for having a mental condition or disorder?

Today, I went for training. Well this girl who's also taking the same job as me was in my class. She had a disorder. It was pretty obvious since she'd always get anxious when ever she heard a loud noise. Then she would start moving her hands back and forth really fast. She told the teacher that she won't stab anyone or anything but she is diagnosed with mental disorders. What upset me is the fact that the teacher completely mocked her in class, gave her dirty looks throughout class and said…


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social anxiety

Hello I`m Sara. Most of you probably dont know me because Im new and I do not post blogs but this is something I really wanted  to share. 

This girl that I know, more like an acquiescence , friend of a friend. You know what I mean. Well she`s gunna move so a lot of people from my grade made a little video for her. So we all showed the video after school to her.  I wasn`t a part of the video cause I was absent in school. But I wanted to go because I felt obligated to since the…


Added by LostSoul99 on June 18, 2012 at 1:11pm — 3 Comments

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